Recently Read #3

11 Aug 2014

I've made a small dent into my summer reading list over the last few weeks. I haven't got through as any books as I would of hoped in the time I've had off already as because of exams, I hadn't read for a while so it's took some time to get back in to the routine of things but for the moment here's my opinion on the first three books I've read this summer.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher
A quick book synopsis to start; it's about a girl who commits suicide and she leaves behind a set of tapes that are passed on to people she has chose to send them to as they played a part in her choice to commit suicide. We read the book in perspective of Clay Jenson who is one of those chosen to be sent the tapes. Hannah is his first love and so Clay spends the night listening to Hannah on all the tapes.
This book has been one I'd wanted to read for a while because I found the blurb intriguing. What was it that linked Clay to the suicide? I was very curious! I loved the uniqueness of this book as while there is many books set around the topic of suicide, this is one that is set out in a completely different way; I love that the chapters are different tapes or the other side of the tape such as "Tape 4 side 1". I did really enjoy this and I loved the character of Clay and how the book takes place over one night and I can really visualise the surrounding described at different parts of the book While I did enjoy this book, I did feel it seem a slight chore to read in parts. However overall, I loved the whole idea of the book and it's a real eye opener to give you an idea of what many go through before committing suicide a long with almost advice to everyone in looking out for tell tale signs of those who are considering suicide. If they are true signs, it is something anyone can take away from the book. Apart from those slightly dull parts, I did really like this book and one I would recommend.

The Maze Runner by James Dashner
This has been another book I had wanting to read for a while now. There has been very mixed reviews online about this book which made me want to read it and make my own mind up as well as the film release approaching. A brief summery of the book is that it's a dystopian book where Thomas wakes up in a lift but he can't remember anything. When he reaches the top he's surrounded by boys who welcome him to glade where none of them know how they got here or why so they spend their time trying to find a way of breaking out and to find out what's going on.
The start is a slow one. It seemed that most of the action took place a little later in the book but once it started it never stopped. It was a riveting read and at points I struggled to put it down and so when the action kicked in, it was a book a thoroughly enjoyed and one I would recommend.
It is part of a Trilogy and while the ending does leave you with questions that will be answered in the next book, I'm not desperate to read the next installment like I was with Divergent but I will probably read them in the future.

An Abundance Of Katherines by John Green.
This was one of John Greens earlier books and was published in 2006 before Tfios. This was a second chance read but I started from where I left off as I felt I'd remembered enough to just pick up where I left off. There was a few holes that were unfilled when I picked the book back up but it didn't take me long to get pack into the swing of things.
The book is about Colin Singleton who only seems to have relationships with girls named Katherine- 19 of them. The child prodigy decides to go on a road trip with his friend Hassan where Colin tries to create a theorem that can predict his future relationships.
As I remembered, it was quite far from my favorite book. The main element seemed to be maths and really did no interest me; it wasn't a book I didn't want to put down just one I wanted to hurry up and finish.
 I have to say that the ending was fairly predictable for me and I could tell from my first attempt at reading the book what would happen in the end.
There were a few positives though;I did enjoy the foot notes that were given as I found it quite funny and qwerky. I also enjoyed the strange facts throughout the book. If you've read the book you'll know which part I mean when I say the section in the cave- has to be my favorite part in the book a long with Hassan and Colin's fighting section ( I'm trying to keep this all vague so there's no spoilers, sorry if they are). I think humor in this book would be almost non existence without Hassan and he was by far my favourite Character in this book- he made the book!
The last few pages were my favourite as it summed up Colin's thoughts and gave a moral to the story. It isn't a book I would recommend especially if you can't stand the sight of maths.
I would also like to add that if you've read this book, did anyone else spot the similarities to The Fault In Our Stars in parts? The talk of infinities and oblivion?

So that's all for this Recently Read, and I'd love to know if you've read these books and your thoughts or if you plan on reading any of these books in the future!
There will probably be another Recently Read sooner than you think as I'm on a reading roll!
Hope you're doing great,

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