Make The Most Of Your Day.

14 Aug 2014

Now that it's well and truly summer, I'm wanting to make the most of every single day by accomplishing as much as I can in a day so I've come up with the some ways that I try my best to stick by to make the most of my day.

To Do Lists. 
It's always best for me to do these before I go to bed as it won't be going through my mind thinking that I'll forget to do something I thought of before I go to sleep as well as I a able to see what I have to do the next day and grasp timings and how much I have to do the next day. Now to do list, for me, is complete without a tick box because there's something very satisfying about ticking the box when a task is completed.

Early Night and an Early Morning. 
This is probably the hardest thing to stick to after feeling sleep deprived throughout the months of revision and exams but days always feel longer when you wake up before noon and if they feel longer I will probably get a lot more done as well as feeling a lot more refreshed throughout the day.

Work Out When You're Most Productive.  
Everyone has a slot in their day when they feel most motivated to do something. I find my most productive time ranges from 11am to 3pm so this is when I will do the bulk of the things writing down on my to do list.

Those 2 Minute Jobs.
 I'm a sucker for saying "It only take two minutes, I'll do it later" and then keep saying that until I'm tucked up in bed with the job not ticked off my list so instead of leaving it till later, I get it done as soon as possible because it does only take two minutes!

So I hope these little tips might come in handy if you're struggling to stay productive, like me, this summer.
What do you do to stay productive?
Hope you're doing great,

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