I'm sorry the pictures are not my best on this post but I hope you enjoy it all the same! This has been then look I seem to be wearing a lot as it's getting a little warmer and I thought I'd share it with you. This is the first of three sprig related posts I'll be posting this week so be prepared!

Dress: Boohoo Buy here
Shoes: Dr Martens Buy here 

I hope you enjoyed this quick Outfit post! What is your go to spring look? 
Hope you're doing great,

I sometimes explore the internet for ways to make my beauty life a lot more easier of to make things work better by just changing a few simple things and I though, why not share them with you?This is just going to be a simple list post but I hope you enjoy it all the same. So here we go!

  • I always apply foundation first so I know where I actually need that extra coverage
  • Never skip moisturiser!
  • I condition my hair before shampooing as it locks in more moisture- this is a great one if you have long hair!
  • I add a layer of clear nail varnish to my already paint nail every 2-3 days if I want to make them last a long time.
  • When I want to be daring with my lips but I still feel weary , I'll take a daring colour and blot it with a tissue of my finger.
  • If I've run out of nail polish remover, I'd apply a layer of clear over the top of my nail and quickly wipe away and it's gone!
  • Exfoliating before fake tanning is a must!
  • I use a non-alcoholic toner so it doesn't harm my dry skin.
  • When applying foundation, I apply it in downwards motions so the hairs on my face don't stick up.
  • It's the opposite for moisturiser- applying it in upwards motions to prevents lines and sagging.

So these are all my favourite tips and tricks and I hope some of them help you as much as they help me!
Do you have any tips?
Hope you're ok,

One of my earlier posts was me giving some revision tips and I've decided to re vamp that post by including all the tips given in that one, repeated again but also add a few new ones to the list as well.

Starting can be tough and so can getting into a routine. I started this half term and I started as I meant to go on; the first week is the hardest to try and stick to it but you've just got to keep going. You have think about the outcomes of your revision and how happy you'll be when you get that A and you knw you deserved it because of all the revision you did!
I mentioned in my first post that you need to be sat some where comfortable like your bed but don't; you should revise somewhere seperate to where you sleep. It's best to be sat at a desk where everything is instead of having to stand keep getting up to get a piece of paper or pencil.
Regular breaks is the best and don't give yourself massive chunks to do at a time. I take it half an hour at a time with a short break in between. Your brain only stay concerntated to 10-15 minutes so I do two sets of 15 minutes and then move on to another subject. I like only setting half an hour at a time as if you feel like you can take a little more you can!
A time table is helpful! I don't use it for timings to move on and more as a tick list to what I want to accomplish in a day and if I do more than half an hour as I've set aside for a certain subject I may tick off that I've done that subject for another day.
Teaching others is a great way to learn yourself. I find this works best for maths and science.
One of my favourite things to do while revising is putting on film and ,yes, it can be distracting so why not put a film relating to what you're learning about? Hitler The Rise Of Evil for History or Bruce Almighty for RE..
Chunking is a useful method of revising for such things as science where I have modules which have different sections. I take the headings from every page in the text book and, splitting my page into how many sections are necessary, read through the revision text book and putting necessary information into the boxes. Most teachers say that text books have everything you need to know and this isn't true as one of my science teachers admitted saying the text book is full of 'fluff'- stuff that isn't necessary to your exam and will be of no help.
Don't just read your texbooks or previous notes; re write them, say the out loud, record yourself and listen to it and read along with your voice!
Don't leave it all to the last minute and set yourself goals for certain topics to finish in a week or over a weekend so you can finish gradually and when it comes to the night or day before the exam you just need to give it all a quick once over and you're ready!

My exams start in May so a pre warning that my schedule may change slightly for a month; hope fully it will be nothing too drastic and some bloggers could help me out with guest posts! I'll probably do a admin/update post to let you know nearer the time.
What are some of your revision tips?
Hope you're doing great,

Recently, I've been doing quite a bit of shopping- mainly beauty- and I thought you'd be interested to see what I've bought and swatches as well!

L'oreal Collection Privee Lipstick "Eva's Nude" £8.19: This was a lipstick that become very popular very quickly in the blogging world and even thought it costs more than what I would normally pay, I fell in love with the colour as it wasn't anything like I'd had before.

 MUA Lipstick #11 £1: I've been wanting to try an MUA lipstick for a while now and whenever I'd been into my local Superdrug, they'd always all sold out. This colour is very similar to my Kate Moss #19 lipstick but a bit more glossy. For only £1, I could hardly say no and the pigmentation is ridiculously good for something of that price.

MUA Blush in "Lolly" £1:  The MUA blushes was also something I'd been waiting to try for a while now as I've always stuck to my Natural Collection blush but I seem to have a new favourite as this. It's not as pigmented as some blushers but I do love this colour. It is slightly chalky but it was still only £1.

Batiste Dry Shampoo "Fresh" £1.47:  Every time I need a new bottle of Batiste, I always go for a different scent and this time it was this one and I think it's actually my favourite one I've had!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo "Pomegranate"£4.99: I was going to buy the Bourjois version of this but when I saw the exact same colour in the Maybelline ones I decided to go for that instead as it's cheaper and I already know how well the Colour Tattoos work.

Barry M Gelly Shine Nail Varnish "Papaya" £3.99: I saw there was new releases in the Gelly Shine line and I was going to buy one of those but I fell in love with this colour; it's not like anything I already have and it would be a perfect colour or summer!On this swatches the right one is one coat and one the left is two layers and as you can see it's fine with only one coat!

Simple Revitalising Eye Roller £3.32: This is supposed to reduce puffiness and make you look more awake and I've been looking so run down with stress that I thought this might help me look less like a zombie. It's got a metal roller ball which help distribute the product as well as help wake you up from the cold tingle.

Avon Clear Skin Pore Mask £3: I've been looking for some good pore unclogging products for a while and I'm yet to find something that actually works so I thought I'd try this out. I liked how it turned from a black liquid to a chalky grey. I've already tried it and I'm yet to see great results but I'll probably try it again before I have a verdict. If you have any pore reducing/unclogging products that you love please let me know!

Collection Cream Puff Lip Cream "Cotton Candy" £2.99: This is my second one of these and I loved the first one so much I thought I'd try this one and I think I prefer the colour to this one. I surprised myself that I actually liked these because the colours aren't something I'd go for and I'm normally just a lipstick kind of person but liked how different this was.

Cabtree & Evelyn Pomegranate, Argan and Grape seed Hand Cream £4.99: I've been wanting one of these hand creams for ages; I just loved the way the packaging looks like a paint tube. Rihannon from Fashion Rocks My Socks has spoken about this before and absolutely loved it so I thought I'd try it out!

Garnier Moisture Match Moisturiser for Dry Skin £2.49: This is the moisturiser I wear under my make up  so I picked up a new tube as mines running out and it was on offer.

Primark Marvel T-shirt £6: Finally, I bought this t-shirt as I've been after some printed tees for ages and I just fell in love with this one and I think I'll get so much wear out of this!

So I hope you enjoyed this post- another photo heavy post and let me know and of your pore unclogging products!
By the time this post goes up, I will be sitting in an art room for the first of a two full day art exam so wish me luck!
What've you bought recently?
Hope you're doing great,

It's was coming to a time where my make up storage needed a re vamp and a change around. It can be hard to think of ways to store and hold your make up and I've come to a point where I'm content in the way everything is laid out and I thought sharing this with you will give you some ideas on how to maybe store your make up and also other bits and bobs!

So I'm going to go from left to right on the top of my unit to explain my storage and then will finish with a few extra bits. On the left is a woven basket that originally had a divider in the middle but I just cut that out to create the perfect sized container for my skincare products. I've had this for years and can't remember where I got it from but there's so many places that do things similar to this!
Next I have my main make up draws and on top I keep a few bits and including a jar with make up brushes in. I was looking for a skull glass which I'd seen Sammi from Beauty Crush talk about a while ago and could ever find it on a UK store so when Halloween came along and Asda were selling these for £2, it was the perfect opportunity!

 My make up storage is the generic blogger storage- the Muji acrylic storage. I only had one set of the two drawers and another make up storage with lip stick holders up until a week a go when I decided that I would much prefer having another two draw set; this time though I decided to get the one with the flip up lid. I thought this was a nice design feature and would allow me to switch up the layout of my storage a lot more easier without having to buy new storage. One thing I've found that is great about having the flip up lid is that products like my Lush Lip Scrub- that wouldn't normally fit in the drawers- now can by just lifting up that lid slightly (to not damage the draws) and pulling the drawers out!

 Lastly on my unit top is a jar that use to actually be my mums and I've ended up having it in my possession. This is where I keep cotton wool balls for taking off nail varnish etc and as you can tell it's in need of a restock. Here's another generic storage containers are these pots from Ikea; these are actually plant pots and are great for hairbrushes and little bits; I found them too big for brushes but are great for so many different things.Also at £2 each you can't go wrong! I also then just keep a small old tin that used to carry plasters that has a few bobby pins there on hand. 

The unit I have is from Ikea and it's in for square compartments along an two down and you can get inserts for the compartments and I've recently got two set of these two draws and they are great to put other make up things that I don't use often or don't fit in the other draws. I'm not going to go into too much detail about the make up in them but  these draws with hold a get storage idea! As you can tell, I have split my make up into different containers for different uses and took me a while to find the best way to store this make up neatly and then I had a brainwave to use up some of the Chinese take away boxes that my mum can never just throw out and live in a cupboard gathering dust. This is a great way to recycle old boxes that you have and the good thing about these is that you can a day of DIY and jazz them up (wow I sound like my mum)!

The last thing I want to show you is something you may have seen before and most likely to have caught a glimpse of in the back of my photos and it's this Urban Outfitters birdcage shelf contraption which I think is perfect to display my nail varnishes!

So I hope you enjoyed this quite photo heavy weekend special post! I have so many other storage ideas that I would love to share with you so let me know if you'd like a part two!
What are your storage tips?
Hope you're doing great,

It's been a while since I've done a full product review so I thought I'd treat you to one on a foundation I've been using over the past couple of months and has already been featured in a post or two.
This was a foundation that quickly gained, on the whole, a good response among bloggers. When looking at the reviews though, they all seemed to share the same view that it wasn't right for dry skin and seeing as I suffer from the odd dry patch I didn't know if this would be for me. However, it got to the point where I was in desperate need of a new  foundation and I was in possession of a Boots gift card so I thought I would give it a whirl.

When I went to choose my shade it was great, yet daunting to see so many different shades when you have to work out your shade match yourself. Before buying, I actually found an online chart to help me choose what shade would be best as they have different letters (similar to high ended brands like MAC) for different skin tones. I couldn't choose between the neutral or cool toned foundation to start off with but I ended up buying the cool toned foundation which is R1/C1 Rose Ivory. One other thing that drew me to this foundation was the fact it has a pump! It save crucial minutes when you're in a rush because it has that time saving pump!
When I got it home, I still wasn't 100% sure on my shade choice and I had visions of myself looking like some kind of dark salmon colour. When I first applied it, this was not the case and the foundation wass a definite match unlike past foundations that have looked slightly orange for my skin. From what I can remember of my first impressions, it did cling to some of my dry skin slightly but when I applied a moisturiser about 10 minutes before my foundation, my problems were solved!
The texture of the foundation is very runny and so, along with thinking it would be great for dry skin, you'd think it would be of lesser coverage but this wasn't the case and ended up being of medium coverage and an easily build able foundation for areas that might need slightly more coverage.
Two months down the line, this is still my everyday foundation and I can see it remaining at that status for a while. It doesn't leave my skin looking cakey and with a moisturiser underneath, I've had hardly any problems with this and my dry skin. Even though it doesn't cover all spots,pores and other imperfections, it doesn't break me out and at £9.99 it doesn't break the bank either!
With the amount of shades there is for this foundation, I would recommend it to you unless your skin is very dry otherwise you'd probably face real problems(dry skin sucks, I know).
What foundation have you been grabbing for recently?
Hope you're doing great,

I know it is months before the prom season but if it's your prom you know you'd want to have everything done and sorted as soon as you can. I'm going to use this (maybe) short series to talk through where I'm up to in the act of getting things sorted for my prom and maybe give you a few tips on the way.

Now, looking for your perfect dress can be tough especially if you're wanting something a little different. I find the best first step is to find some inspiration; look around prom websites and just normal high street shops and keep all photos in one place- Pinterest is a great place for this! When I started looking for dresses, I had an idea in mind of how I wanted it and I took inspiration from a dress I'd seen on the high street and all I wanted was the same design with a long skirt so look anywhere for inspiration!
Looking the most unpredictable place like a high street shop as you might find one all perfect and ready to wear. I've actually already got mine from Asos and another good thing about this is the price-only paying £75 leaves more money for other things such as shoes, make-up, transport. Yes, you may worry that someone else will have the same dress as you but I'm sure that hardly anyone will be looking for a dress from Asos. Plus, to me it's not a big deal about buying a dress like this and having someone buy the same one because,when buying my dress, I had the intention to modify it slightly anyway so they won't be exactly the same!
That's another good this about getting a cheaper dress as you an alter it more to how you want without wasting your money. It's also another good thing to have someone who can alter it; I'll be altering it myself with maybe some help from my mum but maybe see if a family member or a friend can help. If there's no one try and alterations shops!
Try and keep in mind if you just decide to buy a prom dress that you'll only be wearing it for a few hours and so do really want to be paying £400 for 4 hours and most people don't wear their prom dress again. If you want a cheap prom dress option, I suggest looking at http://www.chichiclothing.com/ They have some nice simple dresses and there's room for improvement in alterations t make them your own.
An alternative option is renting as, like I said, a lot of people don't wear their prom dress again after prom so this may be a good option if you're wanting a type of dress you probably won't have the chance to wear again.
So, I thought I'd finish by telling you a little about my dress; I ended up deciding on something similar to what I wanted but not exact. I was firstly wanting a maroon/burgundy but I've ended up with black. I know what you might be thinking; just like my sister you're probably think I'll look like one of the Adams family but I wanted something that instead of washing me out, emphasizes my paleness and makes it work and be complimented by the dress. I'm not all secretive about the dress but it will be nice to save the whole look of the dress to show you when prom is so there is some sneak peak photos for you to have a look at and if you went looking on Asos you might actually find the dress but I'm going to be a little secretive about it.

So I hope you enjoyed your post and let me know if you want to be an on going series on the run up to prom- I think it would be fun to document all the little steps towards my prom.
Do you have any ideas for your prom dress or what did you wear to your prom?
Hope you're doing great,

So I thought I would start a small new feature where I talk about some of my favourite nail varnishes that would be great for certain occasions of just the best of a certain colour. Today, I thought I'd start with my favourite blues!

Models Own 'Show Stopper 2': So I've decided to include this in this post because I'm not a big fan of glitter nail varnish but I absolutely love this blue glitter. Please don't kill for including it when it's limited edition but I've been wanting to include it for absolutely ages!

Barry M #317 'Blue Moon': I've actually only really included this one because it's the only nail varnish I own that goes with the Model's own glitter nail varnish. In my honest opinion, I'm not a big fan of this nail varnish; because of how light the colour is, you have to use a minimum of 3 coats to get that opaque look and I'm not patient enough to be doing that- I want one I can just paint and go. Having said that, I absolutely love this pastel blue and if you know of anything similar, let me know!

NYC #325 Raindrop: Talking of paint and go nail varnishes- this is a quick drying nail polish that-even though it needs to coats- is a gorgeous colour and is great. I wouldn't say its the fastest fast drying nail varnish I own but it's definitely faster than some.NYC nail polishes don't get a lot of mention online but, for the price you pay, they are great!

Barry M Gelly Shine #324 'Blueberry': I'm a massive fan of the Barry M Gelly Shine collection and this is probably my favourite from the collection and probably my favourite nail varnish overall. I just love the colour! It's not one you see everyday and absolutely love the formula for this nail varnish. This nail varnish was one of the first products I talked and used on this blog so I've had this a while! I can also tell it's a good nail varnish as my sister is always stealing it!

Barry M Gelly Shine #351 'Blue Grape': Yes, another Gelly Shine nail varnish and another colour you don't see in all the nail varnish sections of the drugstore. I've only worn this one or twice and I already love it! The same thing applies to this as the above and I just love these nail varnishes!

So there you go! That's my first Nail Picks post and I hope you liked it. What are you're favourite blue nail varnishes? Also, let me know any nail picks post ideas you would like me to do!

Hope you're doing great, 

So this one of those posts that every blogger seems to do and I thought it was about time I did it myself! I shower daily including washing my hair daily; I know it's bad for your hair but if I don't my hair will be greasy. I am trying to cut down though! Also, I don't do all of things included everyday I have shower like I don't always exfoliate or I might use a different shower gel but this is what I find myself doing every time I go for a shower!

The first thing I do is condition my hair. Yes, I know this may sound unusual but I find if I apply it first, it locks in a lot more moisture to my hair. Recently I've been using the Aussie 'Miracle Moist' conditioner and I just apply it to the ends of my hair. I leave the conditioner in and I next move onto shaving. 
This is one of those that I don't do everyday but when I do I use the Venus shaver. I love these as they are so quick and easy to use and there's no faffing around with shaving gel. Replacement heads can be a bit on the pricey side so it's best to get them while they're on offer.
Next I exfoliate and I've been recently using the Soap & Glory Flake Away. I've been trying to use this up as it's just been sat in my cupboard but I do love using it as it smells amazing. However, I have really bad what I call (Miranda Hart Reference there) 'speed bump' arms as they are very bumpy and always look like they need a good exfoliate even after I have; so I'm on the hunt for quite a harsh, abrasive scrub to combat my 'speed bump' arms. To exfloliate I also use the sponge shown in the photo which has a straw exfoliater on one side to hep work in the scrub.
I then Use the other side of the sponge to apply my shower gel and I've been using the Body Shop Passion Fruit Shower Gel. I mentioned this in my last favourites and I'm still loving it!
I then apply some shampoo. I haven't included a shampoo in the photo as it changes all the time depending on how I'm feeling but I've recently been using the Mint Alberto Balsom and The Treseme Deep Cleansing shampoos and they both work a treat. Althought, I don't use the Treseme one as often as ,yes you want your hair squeaky clean, but this leaves it feeling to squeaky clean and isn't very good if I'm having a dry hair day. I apply my shampoo to the roots of my hair and let the water do the rest of the work to get it to the ends of my hair and washing out my conditioner aswell.
Finally, I will apply my Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser. This is that product that always forget to use but I still love it and saves my alot of time when I get out of the shower. All I do then is ring out my hair and get wrapped up in my towels.
And that's it- that's my Shower Routine. Let me know what your favourite exfoliater is and also what shampoo you use!
Hope you're doing great, 

It may Spring but it was a only a week or so ago that I was battling against a cold. No one likes a cold and there's no certain way of getting rid of them but I thought I'd throw this post together to maybe help make the cold less noticeable or to help with some of the symptoms!

Something to help with a blocked nose: Your mums probably use this with you any but Olbas Oil. It's nice to just a few drops on a pillow or a hanky before you go to go to bed. Something I do when I'm having to go into school when I have a cold is putting a few drops on one of my school jumper's sleeves and rubbing both sleeves together. This way you can more or less always have an unblocked nose! Another way of treating a blocked nose is just having a hot shower.

Something to get rid of that disgusting dry and crusty nose: This, for me is the worst symptom as it just looks awful and I feel like a snake shedding it's skin (not the best simile I've ever thought of) but I found using this Witch  Skin Treatment Gel and a bit of Sudocrem over the top works well to make the skin around your nose look less noticeable. I've get to say this isn't for the one of you who can't handle a bit of pain. If you can;t deal with nail varnish remover going down the cracks in your skin then you won't b able to deal with this! Even though it may sting a bit, it works for me and because I've done it so often, I can tolerate the stinging sensation.

Something for those poor lips: My lips are never in the best condition but they are ridiculously bad when I get a cold. I try and refrain from using a scrub on them in case it damages hem further and makes them hurt even more then they already do. But during my last cold I've been grabbing for my The Body Shop Lip Butter in Mango. They smell gorgeous and they are moisturising however the moisture doesn't last all that long before I have to top it up. I've still not found that perfect lip balm so if you have any recommendations please let me know!

Something to relieve: This is actually the first cold I've use cold relief tablets and, I've got to say, I didn't feel like they did anything but if they work for you that's fine but I'd rather just have plain old paracetamol!

Something the drink: I've non-stop been drinking peppermint tea and it's just a nice refresh and it's supposed to be good in flushing out all the badness in your system so I'd definitely say to drink bucket loads of it!

Something to blow your nose: The Kleenex Balsm packs are great for school and the Luxurious Velvet tissues have been great for home (never did I ever think I would be giving tissue recommendations)

Something for those around you: When you catch a cold off someone, you are definitely not happy with them so to stop people getting annoyed at me I carry around My Soap & Glory Antibacterial Gel to give out to those who want to try and prevent getting this awful cold!

Something to distract yourself: This will explain the book in the post which is the book I'm currently reading. For me distracting myself is a good book but for you it might be watching a film and if you want film recommendations I'd recommend Evolution if you're ill or Pitch Perfect because Pitch Perfect is perfect for anytime!
And that's it! I will carry most of the above around school with me and my friends just have to put up with me applying Sudocrem to my nose at lunch time.
I hope this helps and if you've got a cold get well soon and for everyone else I hope you're doing great,

I have recently cleared out my room and found a lot of perfumes and sprays that forgot I owned and have made a promise to myself to start using up old scents before buying even more! I thought that maybe I'd do a kind of a fragrance collection but just including my favourites and ones I am planning on wearing more that I used to love so hear you are!

Marc Jacobs Daisy: This is the most recent addition to my perfumes which I got for christmas. I knew I was getting as I had week long debates with myself in whether to get this one or the 'Eu So Fresh' version. In the end I obviously went for just the original as I loved how fresh the smell is. It was a close descision as the other one reminded my of Palma Violets and I love Palma Violets. As well as being the most recent, it is also the most expensive so I thought I'd try and use it sparingly but that hasn't really worked as I've been wearing everyday for school!

Hollister Spray: This is an old one. I got this back when I was around 14 and the big Hollister hype was going around in hour school. I first got the pink which one (which I still have), but I prefered this one when I got it as a birthday present one year. This is my summer scent so I haven't used it in a while but I'm sure I'll be using it again when it comes to summer (eventually!).

Soap & Glory 'Mist You Madly': There's something so satisfying about the Soap & Glory puns! Again, I love this smell and is an everyday kind of smell which I find myself spraying my bedroom with all the time! Weirdly enough, I find the big bottles and the smaller bottles smell different even though they have the same names. I've put it down to the concertrations of the frangrance in the different bottles but I seemed to prefer it in the smaller bottle but I still love this fragrance and will be sure to be finishing it up soon!

So? Superstar: This is my oldest perfume being one I got when I was 13- trying to act older for my age and copying my mum and sister. I remember my friends saying that I smelt like a mum with this perfume on and now as I've got older I know what they mean. When I re discovered this perfume when clearing out my room, I sprayed it on myself without really thinking about it and later think 'oh I do smell nice!'. I absolutely love So? smells. However childish the perfume names seem to be, I still love the fragrances and I could see myself repurchasing this!

Vera Wang Princess: This is probably my favourite scent and most bought scent with the bottle in the picture bing my third big bottle. I really do love this and I went about a year without purchasing waiting for Christmas and my Birthday but my dad decided to spoil me rotten when he was in duty free, I was so happy! Like the So? perfume, the name suggests a childish smell but I find this scent very elegant- actually like a princess smell! I absolutely love it!

Ralph Lauren '2': There's something sad about seeing nearly empty bottles! I'm using this as sparingly as possible as I really don't want to splash out on a new bottle just yet even though I really do love this smell. I remember buying this on the way back from France after a French Exchange trip and I'd spent the whole trip too petrified to buy anything in case I gave the wrong amount of money to a shop owner (don't even ask; no wonder I never go abroad!). When I got onto the returning Ferry, I was almost determined to spend some money so me and my friend headed down to the shop and thought this smelt amazing. I'm so glad I bought it and went and got another bottle later on. It's sad to see this second bottle coming to the end of it's life (don't ask why I'm getting soppy over a glass bottle now) but I will have to re purchase this when it finally runs out!

So, I hope you enjoyed this post! What is your most worn fragrance?
Hope you're doing great,

Divergent Series Review.

If you're an avid reader of my blog, you have probably gathered that I've been reading the Divergent series and I've absolutely loved all 3 of the books in the series.

I've already, in a recently read post, explained the back ground to the first book: Divergent but for those of who haven't seen that post here is the back story.

It's set in Chicago and the people living there live in different factions: Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent). The main character Beatrice who later becomes known as Tris is born into the Abnegation Faction where they are selfless and aren't allowed to do things as simple as looking in a mirror. Divergent starts on Choosing Day which is where every child who has reached 16 can choose whether to stay with the faction they belong with or change to another faction. To help them decide what to do, they are put in to some sort of simulation where it can eliminate all possible choices apart from one and that last one should the one you choose. However, it doesn't go as simply for Beatrice who's results become inconclusive which she becomes what is known as Divergent. I wouldn't count this as a spoiler because it happens so early on but she ends up choosing Dauntless which I the complete opposite to Abnegation. She has to adapt to this new life and learn how to live like Dauntless. When I'd finished Divergent, for a first book in the series, I thought it was great but a downer was that a lot of the other factions weren't really explained and it would've been nice to see how the other factions lived but I could tell that we would be able to explore them more in the next book which was insurgent.

Now this is where trying to avoid spoilers is going to be tricky, and hopefully you won't mind the few that I mention. I'll try to avoid them as best I can but in order to talk about some of the things in Insurgent, I'm going to have to talk about a few of the things that happened in Divergent so if you're very anti-spoiler I would stop right now, read the first one and come back!

Insurgent picks up where Divergent left off- where Tris and Tobias have kind of defeated Erudite and there's chaos going on. Tris gets to visit all this different factions so it's great to have been able to get out of the book what I wanted to that I was questioning at the end of the first. It is really interesting to see the way people live in the different factions and how different each faction is. Throughout the book they travel from faction to faction and even back to some so it can be quite difficult to keep up with everything that's going on. Of course Four is as amazing and ever and him and Tris hit some bumps in the road during this book and it's more than once. This aspect of the book did get quite repetitive at times but it didn't bother me enough to roll my eyes and think "Not again!". The book is full of characters and at times I found there was too many to keep up with and one of my dislikes towards a book is when multiple characters and I found myself trying to remember which character is which. However, because the book is full of different characters, it keeps the book alive even if they keep dying before you can really get to know them! Even though this book is quite sad as there's lots of people dying there's some very lighthearted scenes and it kind of helps you to remember that most of these people of still 16/17. One of my favourite aspects to the book is the slight sense of humour in sarcasm and I found myself giggling a quite a few times throughout this book. One thing I haven't really explained is that if you aren't accepted by your chosen faction you become factionless which isn't really mentioned in Divergent and is mentioned more in Insurgent. The factionless element to the book doesn't really interest me that much as other parts and I can't pin point why that is other than it just being me. They still don't mention anything about the world beyond Chicago and , when finishing Insurgent I knew that would be one of the key elements to the final book; Allegiant.

The same applies to this; if you hate spoilers, come back when you've read it! Allegiant was an amazing ending to the trilogy. I have to say that the ending was not what I or probably anybody wanted and I think Veronica Roth was very brave but (I've got to say it) stupid for ending this book the way she did because I don't know about you but I love a happy ending and, as a reader, you invest so much time into a character and a book for it not to end how you want it to is just a pain. I read to escape reality so even if an ending isn't realistic I don't really care as long as the ending is a happy one! On a slightly more positive note, I did like that we got to see Tobias' point of view. In Allegiant you start to see a war start to build and you also see people start to leave the city to see what is outside the fence and of course Tris is one of those. You learn about why Chicago is fenced in and the history of Chicago and other places in the US. I found this interesting to see and it's something I questioned throughout the whole trilogy. I do think this rounded the series up well and, even though I kind of went off on one about the ending, I still loved the end as it wasn't all bad and it manged to tie up most loose ends well and overall a good ending to the series.

This is one of my favourite Dystopian series and I probably liked and could relate to it more than the Hunger Games trilogy. This is coming out into a move later this year and I can't wait. I, of course, recommend you to read this trilogy and if you've already read it let me know if you agree with me on the ending!
Hope you're doing great,