Prom Prep: Finding Your Dress

17 Mar 2014

I know it is months before the prom season but if it's your prom you know you'd want to have everything done and sorted as soon as you can. I'm going to use this (maybe) short series to talk through where I'm up to in the act of getting things sorted for my prom and maybe give you a few tips on the way.

Now, looking for your perfect dress can be tough especially if you're wanting something a little different. I find the best first step is to find some inspiration; look around prom websites and just normal high street shops and keep all photos in one place- Pinterest is a great place for this! When I started looking for dresses, I had an idea in mind of how I wanted it and I took inspiration from a dress I'd seen on the high street and all I wanted was the same design with a long skirt so look anywhere for inspiration!
Looking the most unpredictable place like a high street shop as you might find one all perfect and ready to wear. I've actually already got mine from Asos and another good thing about this is the price-only paying £75 leaves more money for other things such as shoes, make-up, transport. Yes, you may worry that someone else will have the same dress as you but I'm sure that hardly anyone will be looking for a dress from Asos. Plus, to me it's not a big deal about buying a dress like this and having someone buy the same one because,when buying my dress, I had the intention to modify it slightly anyway so they won't be exactly the same!
That's another good this about getting a cheaper dress as you an alter it more to how you want without wasting your money. It's also another good thing to have someone who can alter it; I'll be altering it myself with maybe some help from my mum but maybe see if a family member or a friend can help. If there's no one try and alterations shops!
Try and keep in mind if you just decide to buy a prom dress that you'll only be wearing it for a few hours and so do really want to be paying £400 for 4 hours and most people don't wear their prom dress again. If you want a cheap prom dress option, I suggest looking at They have some nice simple dresses and there's room for improvement in alterations t make them your own.
An alternative option is renting as, like I said, a lot of people don't wear their prom dress again after prom so this may be a good option if you're wanting a type of dress you probably won't have the chance to wear again.
So, I thought I'd finish by telling you a little about my dress; I ended up deciding on something similar to what I wanted but not exact. I was firstly wanting a maroon/burgundy but I've ended up with black. I know what you might be thinking; just like my sister you're probably think I'll look like one of the Adams family but I wanted something that instead of washing me out, emphasizes my paleness and makes it work and be complimented by the dress. I'm not all secretive about the dress but it will be nice to save the whole look of the dress to show you when prom is so there is some sneak peak photos for you to have a look at and if you went looking on Asos you might actually find the dress but I'm going to be a little secretive about it.

So I hope you enjoyed your post and let me know if you want to be an on going series on the run up to prom- I think it would be fun to document all the little steps towards my prom.
Do you have any ideas for your prom dress or what did you wear to your prom?
Hope you're doing great,

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