Make Up Spring Clean & Storage Ideas.

22 Mar 2014

It's was coming to a time where my make up storage needed a re vamp and a change around. It can be hard to think of ways to store and hold your make up and I've come to a point where I'm content in the way everything is laid out and I thought sharing this with you will give you some ideas on how to maybe store your make up and also other bits and bobs!

So I'm going to go from left to right on the top of my unit to explain my storage and then will finish with a few extra bits. On the left is a woven basket that originally had a divider in the middle but I just cut that out to create the perfect sized container for my skincare products. I've had this for years and can't remember where I got it from but there's so many places that do things similar to this!
Next I have my main make up draws and on top I keep a few bits and including a jar with make up brushes in. I was looking for a skull glass which I'd seen Sammi from Beauty Crush talk about a while ago and could ever find it on a UK store so when Halloween came along and Asda were selling these for £2, it was the perfect opportunity!

 My make up storage is the generic blogger storage- the Muji acrylic storage. I only had one set of the two drawers and another make up storage with lip stick holders up until a week a go when I decided that I would much prefer having another two draw set; this time though I decided to get the one with the flip up lid. I thought this was a nice design feature and would allow me to switch up the layout of my storage a lot more easier without having to buy new storage. One thing I've found that is great about having the flip up lid is that products like my Lush Lip Scrub- that wouldn't normally fit in the drawers- now can by just lifting up that lid slightly (to not damage the draws) and pulling the drawers out!

 Lastly on my unit top is a jar that use to actually be my mums and I've ended up having it in my possession. This is where I keep cotton wool balls for taking off nail varnish etc and as you can tell it's in need of a restock. Here's another generic storage containers are these pots from Ikea; these are actually plant pots and are great for hairbrushes and little bits; I found them too big for brushes but are great for so many different things.Also at £2 each you can't go wrong! I also then just keep a small old tin that used to carry plasters that has a few bobby pins there on hand. 

The unit I have is from Ikea and it's in for square compartments along an two down and you can get inserts for the compartments and I've recently got two set of these two draws and they are great to put other make up things that I don't use often or don't fit in the other draws. I'm not going to go into too much detail about the make up in them but  these draws with hold a get storage idea! As you can tell, I have split my make up into different containers for different uses and took me a while to find the best way to store this make up neatly and then I had a brainwave to use up some of the Chinese take away boxes that my mum can never just throw out and live in a cupboard gathering dust. This is a great way to recycle old boxes that you have and the good thing about these is that you can a day of DIY and jazz them up (wow I sound like my mum)!

The last thing I want to show you is something you may have seen before and most likely to have caught a glimpse of in the back of my photos and it's this Urban Outfitters birdcage shelf contraption which I think is perfect to display my nail varnishes!

So I hope you enjoyed this quite photo heavy weekend special post! I have so many other storage ideas that I would love to share with you so let me know if you'd like a part two!
What are your storage tips?
Hope you're doing great,


  1. I need the muji acrylic storage, right now, all of my makeup products are either sprawled out across my desk top or inside my bulging makeup bag!
    And I would love to read a part two x
    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  2. I need these acrylic storage stuff, it looks really cute and organised :)

  3. I love the bird cage, I loved all the jewelry holders from Urban Outfitters but none would look nice in my room! I'm planning on redoing it though in summer so maybe by then I will be bale to have a cute little thing from UO :)x

  4. This is lovely x I need these cute storage stuff. Is that carrot toy from IKEA? I have a strawberry one and it looks very similar x