The Fragrances.

6 Mar 2014

I have recently cleared out my room and found a lot of perfumes and sprays that forgot I owned and have made a promise to myself to start using up old scents before buying even more! I thought that maybe I'd do a kind of a fragrance collection but just including my favourites and ones I am planning on wearing more that I used to love so hear you are!

Marc Jacobs Daisy: This is the most recent addition to my perfumes which I got for christmas. I knew I was getting as I had week long debates with myself in whether to get this one or the 'Eu So Fresh' version. In the end I obviously went for just the original as I loved how fresh the smell is. It was a close descision as the other one reminded my of Palma Violets and I love Palma Violets. As well as being the most recent, it is also the most expensive so I thought I'd try and use it sparingly but that hasn't really worked as I've been wearing everyday for school!

Hollister Spray: This is an old one. I got this back when I was around 14 and the big Hollister hype was going around in hour school. I first got the pink which one (which I still have), but I prefered this one when I got it as a birthday present one year. This is my summer scent so I haven't used it in a while but I'm sure I'll be using it again when it comes to summer (eventually!).

Soap & Glory 'Mist You Madly': There's something so satisfying about the Soap & Glory puns! Again, I love this smell and is an everyday kind of smell which I find myself spraying my bedroom with all the time! Weirdly enough, I find the big bottles and the smaller bottles smell different even though they have the same names. I've put it down to the concertrations of the frangrance in the different bottles but I seemed to prefer it in the smaller bottle but I still love this fragrance and will be sure to be finishing it up soon!

So? Superstar: This is my oldest perfume being one I got when I was 13- trying to act older for my age and copying my mum and sister. I remember my friends saying that I smelt like a mum with this perfume on and now as I've got older I know what they mean. When I re discovered this perfume when clearing out my room, I sprayed it on myself without really thinking about it and later think 'oh I do smell nice!'. I absolutely love So? smells. However childish the perfume names seem to be, I still love the fragrances and I could see myself repurchasing this!

Vera Wang Princess: This is probably my favourite scent and most bought scent with the bottle in the picture bing my third big bottle. I really do love this and I went about a year without purchasing waiting for Christmas and my Birthday but my dad decided to spoil me rotten when he was in duty free, I was so happy! Like the So? perfume, the name suggests a childish smell but I find this scent very elegant- actually like a princess smell! I absolutely love it!

Ralph Lauren '2': There's something sad about seeing nearly empty bottles! I'm using this as sparingly as possible as I really don't want to splash out on a new bottle just yet even though I really do love this smell. I remember buying this on the way back from France after a French Exchange trip and I'd spent the whole trip too petrified to buy anything in case I gave the wrong amount of money to a shop owner (don't even ask; no wonder I never go abroad!). When I got onto the returning Ferry, I was almost determined to spend some money so me and my friend headed down to the shop and thought this smelt amazing. I'm so glad I bought it and went and got another bottle later on. It's sad to see this second bottle coming to the end of it's life (don't ask why I'm getting soppy over a glass bottle now) but I will have to re purchase this when it finally runs out!

So, I hope you enjoyed this post! What is your most worn fragrance?
Hope you're doing great,


  1. Ooh I really want to try the Vera wang and Marc Jacobs ones, since they're actually half price in boots I might just get them the next time I'm in boots x

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. I think if that's the case you should and I think I will have to stock up on my Marc Jacobs!

  2. i love having several different perfumes/body sprays, it's always nice to have a choice!

  3. They all sound gorgeous! I love Marc Jacobs Daisy!

    1. It's great! It's just a shame about the price x

  4. I love the soap and glory spray! Ahh I want loads of these, especially Marc Jacobs Daisy!:)x