Weekend Special #6: Combatting A Cold

8 Mar 2014

It may Spring but it was a only a week or so ago that I was battling against a cold. No one likes a cold and there's no certain way of getting rid of them but I thought I'd throw this post together to maybe help make the cold less noticeable or to help with some of the symptoms!

Something to help with a blocked nose: Your mums probably use this with you any but Olbas Oil. It's nice to just a few drops on a pillow or a hanky before you go to go to bed. Something I do when I'm having to go into school when I have a cold is putting a few drops on one of my school jumper's sleeves and rubbing both sleeves together. This way you can more or less always have an unblocked nose! Another way of treating a blocked nose is just having a hot shower.

Something to get rid of that disgusting dry and crusty nose: This, for me is the worst symptom as it just looks awful and I feel like a snake shedding it's skin (not the best simile I've ever thought of) but I found using this Witch  Skin Treatment Gel and a bit of Sudocrem over the top works well to make the skin around your nose look less noticeable. I've get to say this isn't for the one of you who can't handle a bit of pain. If you can;t deal with nail varnish remover going down the cracks in your skin then you won't b able to deal with this! Even though it may sting a bit, it works for me and because I've done it so often, I can tolerate the stinging sensation.

Something for those poor lips: My lips are never in the best condition but they are ridiculously bad when I get a cold. I try and refrain from using a scrub on them in case it damages hem further and makes them hurt even more then they already do. But during my last cold I've been grabbing for my The Body Shop Lip Butter in Mango. They smell gorgeous and they are moisturising however the moisture doesn't last all that long before I have to top it up. I've still not found that perfect lip balm so if you have any recommendations please let me know!

Something to relieve: This is actually the first cold I've use cold relief tablets and, I've got to say, I didn't feel like they did anything but if they work for you that's fine but I'd rather just have plain old paracetamol!

Something the drink: I've non-stop been drinking peppermint tea and it's just a nice refresh and it's supposed to be good in flushing out all the badness in your system so I'd definitely say to drink bucket loads of it!

Something to blow your nose: The Kleenex Balsm packs are great for school and the Luxurious Velvet tissues have been great for home (never did I ever think I would be giving tissue recommendations)

Something for those around you: When you catch a cold off someone, you are definitely not happy with them so to stop people getting annoyed at me I carry around My Soap & Glory Antibacterial Gel to give out to those who want to try and prevent getting this awful cold!

Something to distract yourself: This will explain the book in the post which is the book I'm currently reading. For me distracting myself is a good book but for you it might be watching a film and if you want film recommendations I'd recommend Evolution if you're ill or Pitch Perfect because Pitch Perfect is perfect for anytime!
And that's it! I will carry most of the above around school with me and my friends just have to put up with me applying Sudocrem to my nose at lunch time.
I hope this helps and if you've got a cold get well soon and for everyone else I hope you're doing great,


  1. Great tips on unblocking your nose! I hate getting a blocked nose so much since it stops me from falling asleep!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  2. Great post! I would recommend Dr Bronner's organic lip balm in peppermint as it's lovely and moisturising. You can usually get it for £3 at ASOS.com xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista

  3. Amazing post! I actually have "Fangirl" on my To-Be-Read List. Small world!


  4. This is such a great post, love the idea and concept! Joy to read x