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29 Mar 2014

I sometimes explore the internet for ways to make my beauty life a lot more easier of to make things work better by just changing a few simple things and I though, why not share them with you?This is just going to be a simple list post but I hope you enjoy it all the same. So here we go!

  • I always apply foundation first so I know where I actually need that extra coverage
  • Never skip moisturiser!
  • I condition my hair before shampooing as it locks in more moisture- this is a great one if you have long hair!
  • I add a layer of clear nail varnish to my already paint nail every 2-3 days if I want to make them last a long time.
  • When I want to be daring with my lips but I still feel weary , I'll take a daring colour and blot it with a tissue of my finger.
  • If I've run out of nail polish remover, I'd apply a layer of clear over the top of my nail and quickly wipe away and it's gone!
  • Exfoliating before fake tanning is a must!
  • I use a non-alcoholic toner so it doesn't harm my dry skin.
  • When applying foundation, I apply it in downwards motions so the hairs on my face don't stick up.
  • It's the opposite for moisturiser- applying it in upwards motions to prevents lines and sagging.

So these are all my favourite tips and tricks and I hope some of them help you as much as they help me!
Do you have any tips?
Hope you're ok,

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  1. Love these tips - Especially the nail polish remover (I run out so quickly idek... :D) xx
    Your blog is so cute - New follower on Bloglovin' :D

    C:ndy |