Revision Overload 2.0

27 Mar 2014

One of my earlier posts was me giving some revision tips and I've decided to re vamp that post by including all the tips given in that one, repeated again but also add a few new ones to the list as well.

Starting can be tough and so can getting into a routine. I started this half term and I started as I meant to go on; the first week is the hardest to try and stick to it but you've just got to keep going. You have think about the outcomes of your revision and how happy you'll be when you get that A and you knw you deserved it because of all the revision you did!
I mentioned in my first post that you need to be sat some where comfortable like your bed but don't; you should revise somewhere seperate to where you sleep. It's best to be sat at a desk where everything is instead of having to stand keep getting up to get a piece of paper or pencil.
Regular breaks is the best and don't give yourself massive chunks to do at a time. I take it half an hour at a time with a short break in between. Your brain only stay concerntated to 10-15 minutes so I do two sets of 15 minutes and then move on to another subject. I like only setting half an hour at a time as if you feel like you can take a little more you can!
A time table is helpful! I don't use it for timings to move on and more as a tick list to what I want to accomplish in a day and if I do more than half an hour as I've set aside for a certain subject I may tick off that I've done that subject for another day.
Teaching others is a great way to learn yourself. I find this works best for maths and science.
One of my favourite things to do while revising is putting on film and ,yes, it can be distracting so why not put a film relating to what you're learning about? Hitler The Rise Of Evil for History or Bruce Almighty for RE..
Chunking is a useful method of revising for such things as science where I have modules which have different sections. I take the headings from every page in the text book and, splitting my page into how many sections are necessary, read through the revision text book and putting necessary information into the boxes. Most teachers say that text books have everything you need to know and this isn't true as one of my science teachers admitted saying the text book is full of 'fluff'- stuff that isn't necessary to your exam and will be of no help.
Don't just read your texbooks or previous notes; re write them, say the out loud, record yourself and listen to it and read along with your voice!
Don't leave it all to the last minute and set yourself goals for certain topics to finish in a week or over a weekend so you can finish gradually and when it comes to the night or day before the exam you just need to give it all a quick once over and you're ready!

My exams start in May so a pre warning that my schedule may change slightly for a month; hope fully it will be nothing too drastic and some bloggers could help me out with guest posts! I'll probably do a admin/update post to let you know nearer the time.
What are some of your revision tips?
Hope you're doing great,


  1. Good luck for your exams!! :)
    I've just done my exams and I did a lot of these tips and I think they have worked. I'll like to try the recording one soon

  2. These are really good tips, I have my exams in May as well and I just know they're going to creep up on me. I have so much coursework to do right now, I have a debate to prepare for tomorrow :( Good luck with your studying and tests! x

  3. loved this post, especially the point about putting on a relevant film