A Guide To Stress Free Packing.

9 Aug 2014

Packing can be a stressful experiences for us all; finding out we don't have enough room for your shoes at the end or you've gone over the weight limit. It's hard to master the art of jigsaw packing so that everything fits in well and there's no having to ask someone for a hand in the form of sitting on top of your suitcase while you put all your energy into getting the zip to close. From my many experiences of packing I've come up with some ways that I tackle the awful task of packing.
The first point I will make is that planning ahead can ensure plane sailing when it comes to packing; having a dry run before hand to make sure that everything is ok so you're not up till 1 in the morning on the verge of a break down while been knee deep in clothes that you want to take but just can't fit. 

Something that my mum has taught me to do from when I went on weekend-long school trips is to write a list of what I am wanting to take before to make sure that I wasn't asking her to work miracles by getting clothes washed and ironed in a matter of hours. Not only is it good to make sure all your clothes are ready to be packed but also having a tick box to say "yes I've packed it in". I will take this list with me so when the holiday was over and I'm packing back up, I can check I haven't left anything behind so, again saving myself from a nervous break down in primary, to find I get home and have left my teddy there. (True story; I left my favourite tiger beanie baby in Austria but they kindly shipped it over and life was good again!).

This is a new one for me and is something I saw on a video Ingrid (Miss Glamorizzi) made where she used these dividers. It's like small suitcases of a variety of sizes that all fit together in a bigger suitcase. These are great for saving space as well as all round neatness and organisation as they stop the clothes enclosed from creasing as well as helping you know where certain things are packed; for example you know your underwear is in the small divider is in the small divider and you tops are in the medium divider etc. These are such a good idea and I suggest in investing in some- I got mine from an Amazon Seller for around £10.

No one wants to have an experience as traumatic as Ross' in FRIENDS when he encountered a "shampoo explosion" followed by the same with moisturiser. So to make sure this doesn't happen, I suggest travel size bottles. Not only does this prevent you carrying big heft bottles and tubs of shampoo and moisturiser but can help free up some packing space other things. This year I got a set from Sainsbury's and before I leave I test each bottle to confirm there will be no leaks and when it comes to packing, I'll put all my toiletries in a zip up bag so that if there is some sort of shampoo explosion it will be enclosed and won't spread and I will not have the same hassle that Ross had.

There are many methods of packing and, before buying the dividers, I found my best method of packing was rolling everything as this freed up a lot of room. There are so many other methods and it's finding out what works best for you but I hope this post will help you and your future packing worries.
Do you get stressed when you pack? Where's the last places you went on holiday? I'd love to know as I love learning about new places to go!
Hope you're doing great, 

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