The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream.

7 Aug 2014

My Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream was on its way out and I felt like trying something new for the summer that was a better colour match for me and when I stumbled across the BB Cream that the Body Shop had to offer in, what seemed like, a very pale colour, I thought it would be perfect for me so decided to invest in a tube. Seeing as I no longer have a local Body Shop and there was 40% off all stock online, I decided to order a tube feeling that my usual method of going for the palest shade wouldn't fail me and it didn't and when I first went to swatch some after it had been delivered, I actually thought it was too light (as you can tell from the swatch shown in the photo) until remembering one of its promises was it's colour adapting properties so I reassured myself that could still be great.

On my first use of the BB Cream, I applied it using a brush from Ebay which helped the product work into the skin really well within seconds. I could tell right away that it adapted to my skin leaving an even colour over my face and making my skin look a lot fresh. While another of it's promises was that it was a light to medium coverage, it is an extremely light weight coverage and not the most build able. It covered hardly any blemishes so I did have to use quite a bit of concealer. It also said that it hydrates for up to 24 hours and I can say point blank that it didn't hydrate in the slightest to start off with as it clung to all area of dehydration.
On My 2nd use, I wasn't going to let this product go to waste and instead of using my usual light cleanser in the morning, I used my Clean & Clear face wash before moisturising. By doing this, the product clung slightly if not at all so while I've found away around this problem, I still don't find it hydrating. 

Like I said, it promises to be able to adapt to your skin tone which I do feel it does to some extent; I think anyone paler than myself may struggle with this being slightly orange especially if you have pink undertones but I do feel the beads of colour do adapt to my skin tone and the more I work the product in, the more it adapts. It also promises to leave an even finish as well as not clogging up your pore and I feel it lives up to both of these promises as it really does give an even finish and, while I do use a blurring primer, I haven't noticed any problems with clogging much like all other foundations I've used. So for me, this BB Cream lives up to 3 of the 5 promises it gives on the website and the 2 that it doesn't,  I have managed to work my way around them and made this BB Cream work for me.

This uncommonly light coverage BB Cream, is great for people who don't really have much problem with their skin or for anyone who, like me, doesn't fancy layering on the make up this summer; or for those who are just nipping to the shops and wants to look a little more put together so it doesn't look like they've rolled out of bed after getting hardly any sleep. I've already included this in my Summer Travel Make Up Look which you can see here and it will be a staple of mine throughout this hot and humid summer!

I hope you enjoyed this post and if it was helpful for anybody considering in investing in a tube of The body Shop BB Cream.
Have you tried it yourself already? What BB Creams do you suggest?
Hope you're doing great,

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