August 3rd-5th: London

28 Aug 2014

The 3rd started early, waking up before my alarm, filled with excitement that we were finally going on holiday. After quickly getting dressed and ready, grabbing a quick breakfast and making sure I had everything I needed for the two weeks I had ahead of me the taxi was already here to take us to Manchester Piccadilly Station where we would get the train to London along with my Mum, Dad and Sister. The train journey was great; having nearly a full carriage to our self. The train journey wasn't that long, but I filled the time with reading, listening to Lewis Watson and watching some TV I'd downloaded on the BBC IPlayer prior to leaving. It was a few hours before we arrived in London and when we arrived we quickly found the tube where we headed to Finsbury Park. We were lucky that my Sister had been up to London just a month before our trip four University and both my mum and dad had lived in London so I felt reassured walking round the Underground in hot,sweaty, loud crowds. After having difficulty lugging our suitcases up numerous flights of stairs in between different Underground lines, we arrived at Finsbury Park where my Uncle et us as we'd be spending the next few days at his house along with my Auntie for France. 
The first night was a chilled one; we went to a local Italian where the waiters were slightly mad it seemed. It was good to catch up as it had been years since I'd seen them! 
First Day in London was a Museum kind of Day getting the tube to the Victoria & Albert Museum which my dad referred to as the Museum of things that don't have their own Museum and he was right as the V&A contained a variety of different exhibitions. My favourite had to be the music and theater where they kept Mick Jagger's jumpsuit and the outfits for the award winning Lion King shown on the West End. I also really enjoyed the poster art section where the walls were filled with posters printed for different reasons such as global warming, war etc.

After spending half of the day there, we took a short work the London Science Museum. It wasn't what I was expecting- too much history for me and not enough hands on areas where I can act like a kid again pressing buttons and winding things up. I did really enjoy the space section as well as looking at the cars through time and the evolution of different objects such as the typewriter. We took the underground back to my uncles where my Auntie cooked us tea and I headed early to bed.
My sister left early Sunday morning as she wasn't able to come with us on our holiday but we decided the Sunday was going to be a tourist day. We decided to try the bus instead of the train into the Center of London where it pulled up right outside St Paul's Cathedral where we had a a walk round the outskirts before heading across the Millennium bridge where I couldn't help but be slightly apprehensive after seeing what the Death Eaters did to it in Harry Potter. Walking across was a great way to see some of the skyscrapers across London. Across the Millennium bridge was the Tate Modern where we had a brief visit before heading to have some lunch where we met up with my Auntie for a while. After a gorgeous lunch, we walked along the river,passing the London Eye and Big Ben where I managed to get a lot of pictures.

 My Auntie then had to leave so Mum,Dad and I headed over to Buckingham Palace to see our good old friend Liz. I have included a photo of the back of someone's head but it's not just anyone's head but Louis Cole's who along with other YouTube including PVP were in London for the day. I didn't go up and ask for a picture because trying to explain YouTube to my mum and dad with in a matter of seconds would be tough work but I can still say I've seen him and I have proof!

We then decided our legs had had enough and so headed to the bus stop where we got the bus home. This was by far my favourite day in London because of the pure volume of photos I managed to take on this day which have been included in the post.
And that was London over and next stop was Paris!
Have you been to London? If so what is your favourite things to do there?
This is one of four of these accounts and I want to make them interesting for you so let me know if you'd prefer more picture to text or vice versa or if it's fine as it is because I don't want to be boring you!
Hope you're doing great,

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