Recently Read #4

25 Aug 2014

It hasn't been long since I posted my last recently read but it feels like ages since I last wrote one seeing as I've been away. I've got a back log of books to read and I want to get this written and up before I move on to other books.

Paper Towns by John Green.
After being disappointed with the last book of his I read and seeing as a month or so back it was released that Paper Town would be turning in to a film so I felt it as about time I should read it! Paper Towns is written in the point of view of Quentin Jacobson who lives next door to Margo Speigelman who he knew as a child but as they went in to high school, he admired from a far. One night Margo climbed up into his window to invite him on a night long adventure of revenge. After accepting and having a sleepless night, Q arrives in school to find Margo's not there and is determined to find out where she's gone. 
After reading Paper Towns it became very clear to me how ingenious John Green is with his characters and how things link. One of the main parts of the story is about clues and they all seem so well thought out like they John had taken the time to make sure everything goes together perfectly; his ideas are like no others!
I will say, while I love John character building, I started to dislike Margo's character nearer the end which kind of ruined the book slightly for me a long with Quentin's character being far too needy and the ending not being really what I wanted. The humor throughout this book is great and Q's friends, while don't always play a huge part, are hilarious. My favourite part of the book, with out giving too much away, is the road trip as I could just imagine now the film montages when it is released in cinema. While, for me, it's not as good as Looking For Alaska, I think it would be one that could be translated very well on to the big screen and I can't wait to see it!

If I Stay by Gayle Forman.
This was another film release induced by as it's being released at the end of this month. If it wasn't for this being released into a film and seeing the trailer, I probably wouldn't have bought this book as the blurb isn't very telling but it's about a girl called Mia who ends up in a car crash a long with her mum, dad and brother. She survives and has an out of body experience, managing to see what is happening around her; seeing her family morn, her best friend and boyfriend trying to get into the hospital to visit her. It isn't a long book and is a great quick read. A little heads up though- I wouldn't recommend reading this on a train to Zurich or any train for that matter as I kept having to stop and hold back the tears. I loved every single character in this book particularly the parents; I found them so interesting and unlike other parents. It was a predictable ending but this was not a bad things and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Gayle Forman released a book from the point of view of  her boyfriend, Adam and will be one I'll be picking up soon! I can't wait to see the film as I feel like this book was made for the big screen.

We Were Liars by E.Lockhart.
This was a book I had wanted to pick up for a while but I was very apprehensive about buying it because of it's vague blurb. I guess it's all art of the mystery behind the book so I won't spoil too much for you except for saying that it's set on an island owned by a man who has 3 daughters who each have families. It's told in the point of view of one of the daughters children and we see what happens over a few summers of them staying there.
I have to say, it was slightly confusing in parts with so many different characters it took me till nearly the end to get to grips with who was in which family even with the help of the family tree in the front of the book. The story line at the start also got me slightly confused as it jumped from different summers. One of the quotes given on the back indicates there would be a shock ending and one that will make many return to the first page and see what they misses; because of this I spent the entirety of the time reading the book guessing what would happen and it turns out I'm really good at working out the ending of books! While I did manage to guess, I really enjoyed the realizations of going "oh I get that now!" "That's what that meant!" so  my amazing guessing abilities didn't take anything away from the mystery behind the book and the shock ending. I definitely think I would read this book again just to see how differently I'll read things now I know the ending; this is a book I would recommend to anyone!

So that's another Recently Read done and I do hope you enjoy these short reviews because I read a lot I'm not wanting to fill my book with single book reviews!
What are you reading at the moment?
Hope you're doing great,

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