One Heck Of A Blot.

18 Aug 2014

When I first picked up this £12 powder, I was happy to pay that little bit extra for a drugstore powder that I' heard been spoken about so highly by many bloggers so while, for me, it is more than I would usually pay, I thought it would work a treat for me.
The Soap & Glory "One Heck Of A Blot" powder is translucent and is used to mattify and keep shine at bay. It specifically said on the outer packaging that it's "for all skin tones" which I will have to disagree with as on 1st try, it immediately clung to the smallest of dry areas- making my make up look cakey and unflattering. I thought it would just glide smoothly and effortlessly over my skinned because it was finely milled but I thing because of this, it was able to get into every nook and cranny of my dry skin. Even when I manage to have a good skin day with well hydrated skin that my foundation smooths over, it still tended to look cakey.
During the days I would wear this, my skin constantly felt greasy and felt like it needed constant touch ups which I don't enjoy as I'm not one to take make up around in my bag; I also haven't noticed this powder increasing the longevity of my make up.. As it's summer, you're bound to become shinier a lot quicker as we do sweat. On hot days when my face would get oily/sweaty, the product would cake up in certain areas of my face, making it hard to even touch up easily without making the powder look even more cakey. 
I've included this powder in previous posts because while I'm not a big fan, I'm not going to let my money go to waste. I really don't think this product is worth the money I paid as, while having a finely milled powder is something many love in a powder, there was a lot of fall out when I would swirl my brush in the product meaning I'd lose a lot of product. It's not a powder I use day in day out and yet, I've still made a fairly large dint showing that, in my opinion, you're not getting enough product for the price. 
I believe there are so many cheaper and better powders out there such as the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder or, a recent purchase of mine, the NYC Smooth Skin Face Pressed Powder (let me know if a review interests you!). Both of these powders are below £5 which makes them a beauty bargain steal and one to definitely check out instead of the Soap & Glory Powder. 

I know this is a negative review but I hope this review might help any of you who were looking in to buying this powder and needed an opinion.
What setting powder do you recommend?
Hope you're doing great,

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