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2 Aug 2014

I am very reluctant these days as I, myself, do not really enjoy reading them however, I know a lot of people do and I seemed to have picked up a few exciting things recently that I thought I would share with you!
I have been looking for some new shorts for absolutely ages now as my Levi cut off's need a break; after ordering numerous pairs and trying on numerous pairs, I finally found a pair I am happy with and they are the Asos High Waist Denim Mom Shorts in Mid Wash (£28). They're a little baggier than I would have hoped but I'm sure they'll shrink slightly in the wash and they are the perfect pair for me! I was also in need in some new sunglasses as I've had a pair of Asos sunglasses for a few nears now and it's only recently that I've not been convinced they are actually protecting my eyes so I picked up a pair of Primark Sunglasses(£2) and found a pair very similar that I know have the ability to protect my eyes from the sun. While picking up the sunglasses I spotted this Primark Headband(£2) and I think this would be a great thing to have when I'm on holiday to keep my hair out of my face.
NYC is a product that I've always wanted to buy a few things from because of how much I love their eyeshadow palettes and when they came out with these NYC BB Blush Sticks in Soho Pink (£1.99), I didn't hesitate to pick one up in Superdrug. While I was in the NYC section, I had time to have a good look at the produces and  was shocked at the cheapness of the products and seeing as I'd been struggling to enjoy using my Soap & Glory powder, I picked up the NYC Smooth Skin Powder in Translucent (£1.99). Another beauty bargain was the Natural Collection Colour Correction Stick (£1.99); I picked this up after I was looking at the new Max Factor CC Sticks and realised how similar the one for redness was to this Natural Collection purchase and I was more willing to pay £1.99 than £9.99 for something that claimed to do exactly the same thing.I was very luck to find one that wasn't broken or hadn't been touched!
 I've been trying to really combat my dehydrated skin and I thought, after lots of research, I would cave in and pick up the Origins Drink-Up Intensive Hydration Overnight Mask £23. This would have been the most expensive purchase of the month and maybe even the year if it wasn't to coincide with the time my phone was due an upgrade. I've had a Blackberry for 2 years now and it was one of the first models so it was due an upgrade as it was battered with buttons missing so, after negotiating with my Dad, I decided on the IPhone 5S Silver.  One reason for getting this model was because of the amazing quality of the camera so I can hopefully take instagram pictures a lot easier on my travels instead of having to frequently get out my DSLR. 
Books wise, I picked up two new books to take with me on Holiday; If I Stay by Gayle Forman is coming out as a film soon and after seeing the trailer, I thought it was definitely worth a read. I'm not one to love film book covers but I'm in love with this cover.We Were Liars by E.Lockhart was a book I was undecided about purchasing but when I found it on offer online, I felt it was a sign to pick it up and even if it wasn't a book I'd enjoy, It's only a couple of hundred pages so I think I'll be able to get through it. 
Last but far from least was this New Look Cami Top; if you know me, I'm not on to want to show my arms but I fell in love with this top and I think I will be brave enough to wear on holiday and if you're interested in seeing it on, I posted a picture over on my Instagram: @sarahndsons.
I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know if you honestly like reading about what I've bought. Is there anything I've included that you'd like me to review? What have you bought recently?
As you read this, I will be heading off on the first leg of my holiday which is London!
Hope you're doing great,

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