3 Nov 2013

I've been wanting to post an empties post in ages but it seems to take me forever to finish things off but I've decided I have a decent amount to now share with you and show you So I'm going to get straight into this!

Vera Wang 'Princess' Perfume: When I first bought this the name really put me off as it sounds so childish but once you get past that it is a gorgeous perfume. This is actually my second bottle and the one shown in the picture is my smaller bottle and now that I've finished both bottles I feel lost without it. Perfume, for me, is always one to put on my Christmas or Birthday list and seeing as they're both coming up, I finished it at a good time. I highly recommend you going to smell this perfume! It's one of the first proper perfumes I had and I think I'll be buying it for years to come.
Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel: It wasn't till recently that I ventured out into scrub world and getting all sorts of different exfoliators but before that, this was one I would use for my face and body. It is a very vigorous exfoliator containing sand particles which really do scrub. Having Tea Tree and Witch Hazel in it makes this a great product for people prone to spots but don't have too sensitive skin. As a face scrub, I don't thing i will be repurchasing it as I've discovered so many new good ones and it's the same for body as I've been loving the Soap & Glory scrub but it wouldn't surprise me if I came running back to it as a cheaper alternative in the future.
L'oreal Micellar Solution:  You are probably bored of me going on about this but I've done a full review on this which you can read here. On the basis of repurchasing I already have and love it still! The one thing that is annoying is how fast I seem to go through it and I know others seem to have the same problem.
Good Things Stay Clear:  I'm highly considering doing a full review on this cleanser as it works miracles; leaving my skin so smooth and the feeling that it's working already. My spots seem clearer aswell which is just fabulous. I did talk a little bit more about this on my current favourites which you can read here. I was seriously kidding myself when I told myself that I wouldn't repurchase this; why wouldn't I when it works so well and smell absolutely amazing!
Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer:   This is the first and only primer I have used. When I first purchased this it really did work wonders as my dry skin was no longer visible when applying my make-up and so I did repurchase but then once I did use it again, it didn't seem to work aswell. I'm still not too sure if I will repurchase after running out of the tube I'm using at the moment as for £8 you really don't get a lot of product and so I'm having to ration it out aswell as, you might be able to see from the picture, I've cut the top off to get every last drop of the primer from the tube.

So that is all the products I've finished for the time being! Is there any products that you've finished up and recommend?
Hope you're doing well,x

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