Sweater Weather Tag

13 Nov 2013

Weirdly, I've never done a tag post before so I've decided today is that day! I saw Ingrid (missglamourazzi) do this in one of her videos and was created by itsmelexie but Ingrid changed some of the questions to fit her more and I've done the same with a mix of each of the questions from both videos. This is a great time for me to be doing this tag as I'm just digging out last years collection of woolly jumpers and having to turn on the radiators. So let's get started.

1. Favourite candle scents for this time of the year?
I'm going to stick with Yankee Candles and some of my favourites have to be Black Cherry and Cranberry Zest; Camomile Tea is my favourite scent all year round but my favourite for this time of year has to be Orchard Pear which is such a sweet pear candle. I urge you to find this in shops and give it a smell!

 2. Coffee, Tea or Hot chocolate?
Anything but coffee. I like the odd latte here and there but I'm not a coffee fan really. i seemed to be obsessed with mint hot chocolate as I find it's not a sickly as just normal hot chocolate and as for tea- i just love a milky brew!

3. Dark lips or winged eye liner?
If you know me, you'll know I steer away from eyeliner as it's one of those things I really struggle with and I'm too impatient to practice. If you'd put dark lips with anything though, I would of chose dark lips because even though I'm not the most comfortable wearing such a bold lip, I think dark lips just look gorgeous. For my favourite autumn lipsticks you can find them here.

4. Favourite fragrance for fall?
This more of a current favourite that I happen to wear at this time of the year and that is the Soap and Glory 'Mist You Madly' and this is just the scent I tend to jump to on an everyday basic and that I'd just throw into my bag.

5.What is your most Worn Sweater?
It has to be the one my mum bought me last year and it is just a classic knitted jumper and I just love the little pockets. It's comfortable and I love it! I posted and edited version of this picture on my instagram last week if you want to check it out here!

6. Hats or Scarves? 
Scarves! up until last year I despised hats- I think it was something that stemmed from my childhood when my mum would put me in some ridiculous hats. Saying that though, i now one the cutest fox hat that is so cute and I will be definitely wearing it this winter!

7. Favourite fall nail varnishes?
Last year, I fell in love with this Khaki Green colour from Models Own and I've fallen in love with it all over again! I'm a sucker for a goo nude this time of year as well but I feel Barry M chose the right time to bring these matte nail varnishes out because I feel they're great for this this time of year!

8. Football games or jumping in leaves? 
I wouldn't say jump but standing on leaves to hear the sound of that satisfying crunch beneath your shoe just makes me smile!

9. Skinny Jeans and leggings?
This doesn't just apply for this time of year but all year round and it has to be skinny jeans; more specifically, the Top shop  Joni jeans which I love and feel like a pair of leggings. I've never been a leggings kind of girl however much I've tried and so i just tick with my trusty skinny jeans!

10. Boots or Uggs?
I love a good pair of ankle boots and I've never own a real pair of fake ones just a fake pair in year 7 where I only ever wore them round the house as slippers anyway!

11) Favourite thing about fall? 
Like I mentioned before, when you step on those crunchy leave but I just love the colours the leaves turn this time of year! It just makes me happy!

12. Songs that really  get you into the fall spirit?
Obviously Sweater Weather by Neighborhood and Ed Sheeran Autumn Leaves. I've also created a 'Winter Warmers' playlist that I'll post on here in the next few days!

Hope you enjoyed this tag post and I tag all of you!But specifically, I'm going to tag:
Katie, EllieLizzie and Rachel; you should definitely go and look at their blogs and hopefully they decide to do this tag!
If you decide to do this post, leave the link as a comment as I'd love to read them!
Hope you're ok,x


  1. I'm addicted to mint hot chocolate at the moment, although I find because it is less sickly, I end up drinking like 3x the normal amount of liquid you should consume :S Love your jumper too, looks so cosy :) Thank you so much for tagging me, can't wait to write my answers! xo

    1. Same! I have to refill at least once more! And thankyou and I just read you answers and I love them! xx