5 Most Popular Posts of 2019

6 Jan 2020

Looking for some reading to start the year off? Here, I've rounded up the top, most read and most engaged with posts of the last year that you may like to take a read of yourself or maybe it will spark some blog inspiration for yourself for 2020! 

1. My Relationship With My Body

This was a post that took me a while to actually write - it was something I wanted to share but knowing when you at the height of body confidence is hard to understand and what I learnt from sharing this is that it is ever-changing and there is no peak. I shared a few anecdotes relating to my relationship with eating and my body in this article. The feedback I received was so lovely and supportive. I am so happy I shared it with you. 

2. Ethical & Sustainable Brands on the High Street

I've shared quite a few posts about sustainable living and a hefty amount including cruelty-free products but I think this post was so popular due to it's a real need today. Making more conscious choices can come at a larger price tag but what I aimed to share in this post was some more affordable brands doing it right. The community can be very negative towards brands making changes and point the finger at those yet to be more ethical and sustainable. What I feel is that we should be shining the light on the brands that do it right to show the other brands how it's really done. There are some great brands making changes and I'm excited to see more brands follow in their footsteps in 2020 (Maybe part 2 will be in order?). 

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 3. How & Why I Streamlined My Life

This was a pretty recent post but I'm glad you seemed to like it! I shared with you my thoughts on buying less on food, clothes and beauty and focussing on the things I have, and making sure they are versatile and well-loved. Streamlining my life has helped me live more simply and save quite a bit of money in the process - making purchases that really matter rather than just spending little on a lot.
I'm actually so happy this is up there and makes me feel very nostalgic back 5 years ago in the blogosphere where people loved monthly favourites posts, product empties. Now, there's more pressure to bring something different and pay a lot for the products you include. I love that this simple post was one you enjoyed and I'll be sure to be more in the next few years. 

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5. Why Self-Care Is Productive

As I've started to share more about self-care and wellbeing and I'm happy this was a post people could read to take something from - that self-care isn't selfish and is needed to help yourself breathe, reset and have a break from other life stressors. Self-care is more than just a bath bomb and a facemask and making time for even forms of self-care that aren't exactly 'fun' is always productive in the long run. 

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I'm excited to see what my blog becomes as we head into my 8th year blogging!

Do you have a blog? What's your favourite post of the year? I'd love to give it a read and leave a comment.

Hope you're doing great,

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