How & Why I Streamlined My Life

13 Nov 2019

I don't know about you but I can easily feel overwhelmed by life and the clutter it can bring. Whether it's simply having an untidy space or just having too many items in my life than I actually need and use. This year, I've found myself cutting down the amount I've been spending and making those tasks I usually struggle to do as simple as possible to help me feel more positive.

Simplifying my beauty routines

Both my skin and bank account have thanked for this one. Having just a few skincare products I alternate between has really given my skin a much-needed break - sticking to the essentials, taking a break from experimenting with new products and having a purpose for each skincare product I own. It's really helped me to find a skincare routine that works for me and making changes only when my skin needs it. It's great to finally understand a little more what my skin needs, creating a routine around that and stopping myself from buying products I don't really need. 

It's a similar story for my make-up collection - I've been focussing more on using up the products I already have and only buying products when I run out of what I have. Gone are the days where I'd buy newly-released makeup to share on my blog and now, when I do share products, it's those that I really do love and have used for weeks, or months, or even years. There's still areas of my beauty routine that I experiment with, such as foundation (your recommendations would be amazing!), but I'm making sure I'm doing my research before buying and trying to make sure it's really worth adding to my collection. 

Keeping the products simple makes my morning routine simple and easy for when I' getting ready in the morning. I've always opted for more minimal makeup day-to-day and so now I'm making sure my minimal makeup really is as minimal and simple as possible. 

Creating a capsule wardrobe

This one has definitely changed the most since finishing uni and moving out. I've had multiple major clearouts of my clothes to leave me with only the clothes I feel I will wear or that I love. While I'm not there yet with having a real capsule wardrobe, I've definitely cut my wardrobe down to the key staples. I'm also only buying clothes when I truly need them and making sure each item gets full wear out of it. 

My main reason for really streamlining my wardrobe is because I'm been trying to cut down the number of fast fashion pieces I buy and also focussing on buying clothes made from better-sourced materials. While there are some high street brands leading by example with their sustainable lines, I'm less inclined to shop on the high street more than ever. 

Spending Less Money 

This was never my key aim for streamlining aspects of my life but has been an added bonus that may be a big motivator for many. As I've simplified my spending on fashion and beauty and I plan my meals better, knowing what I will be doing and when I'll be cooking, I've been spending so much less on food and generally living. 

I wasn't consciously making the effort to spend less but it kind of just happened. I still treat myself to a coffee sometimes before work, lunch or tea out when I'm feeling it but I also meal plan, prep for the week and buy only what I need (and maybe a treat or two). As you simplify your life, you also find that you'll streamline your spending and are also more able to keep track of where your money is going with little effort. 

These are just some of the few ways I've simplified my life and it's really had a positive impact on my mood, happiness and organisation. It may seem like by having these routines you're making your life predictable but you're not making it boring just simpler - you're not cutting out the chance to do switch things up but just know more about what you like and what you need. 

Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x

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