5 Things I've Been Loving Lately

8 Sept 2019

It's been a while since I've shared some of my favourites. I have shared some beauty favourites not too long ago as well as some great TV, book and music picks. Today, I wanted to share some more miscellaneous staples that I've been using and loving day-to-day. 

Iced Coffee

It may be nearing the end of summer and, honestly, I'm ready to embrace the cosy cold weather, but that hasn't stopped me loving iced coffee or I guess my more 'bootleg', a homemade concoction that I like to call an iced coffee. I mean, hey, it still tastes like a Starbucks to me! If I'm reading, I make one. Blogging, yes I'll have one. Cleaning? Another one, please! I think I've become extremely basic for loving this and I guess my Starbucks glass does not help the cause but for how good it tastes, I'm not mad about it. 

If you're interested in making your own at-home iced coffee, be sure to check my COFFEE Insta story highlight for a lil' tutorial - no fancy espresso machine is needed! 

M&S Cotton Straight Jeans

I really owe this love to Becc4 after she shared this fab pick over on Instagram. I never thought I'd be someone who went in for light white or cream jeans as well as something in this super straight style, but here I am! I loved the fact that they were responsibly sourced cotton, not bank-breaking at £19.50 and also came in short, regular and long fits - of course, 5ft 4 (ok, 5ft 3) me got the short fit. 

For a style like this, you can find similar in Urban Outfitters and Topshop for £40+ so why not go for cheaper, more sustainable and just fabulous looking jeans? I never thought M&S would be a place I'd find my favourite jeans but I'm so glad I found these. While I don't think they will, if M&S did decide to expand their colour range to include a light pink pair, I'll be waiting at the shop doors ready to pay!

Normal People by Sally Rooney

This year in reading hasn't been the best for me - so many books that leave me feeling unsatisfied, so when I read this book, my faith in reading was restored instantly! I was so tempted to do a full review of this book like I used to but that's just encouraging me to ramble on about this book in a likely incohesive manner so, let me try and summarise. I had already read Mr Salary (a short story by Sally Rooney) so I knew her writing style was one I could get behind and enjoy. Not just the writing style but the story was one I was fully engrossed in; it follows two teenagers from opposite backgrounds that become connected in high school and onto college. This isn't the young adult book I may have made it sound, but a story you think has been done 1000x before in such a different way.

You know how a book can feel warm and fuzzy but something happens to leave you crying at the end? This is the complete opposite - it gives a dull heartwrenching feeling throughout the whole book. You're rooting for the characters while simultaneously having your heart broken slowly. I devoured this book and I think you will too. I am already excited to read her other book Conversations with Friends very soon.

Sony Headphones

When my last pair of earphones broke, it was time to say goodbye to the love of Happy Plugs and I  switch it up with some headphones. I bought my dad the same headphones for Christmas a few years ago and he loves them, so I thought I'd pick the same up for myself. They're nothing groundbreaking - no Bluetooth, volume control, noise cancellation - but for me, they do the job. They are actually the perfect headphones for my commute and I love that they fold down really compact to make them the perfect size to fit in my bag. 

Brent by Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler

"What have you been using your new headphones to listen to, Sarah?" I hear you ask. Well, not long ago I discovered Jeremy Zucker who I have already shared my love of in a previous post. When this new EP with Chelsea Cutler appeared on my Spotify I had to give it a listen. They have such a melancholic sound with these slow songs that are easy to listen to. I've found it the perfect soundtrack while I'm reading as well as in the evening when I'm settling down. If you're looking for some new tracks to add to your chill, easy-listen playlist, I'd check this out. 

So there are a few more lifestyle favourites I've been loving lately. I find myself reaching for these every day and so I had to share them! 

What have you been loving lately? I'd love to hear any and all recommendations! 
Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah  x 

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