Home Decor to Spruce Up Your Space this Spring

26 Feb 2021

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Welcome the new season and spruce up your home for spring! For the longer, lighter days it's time to switch out the darker tones for softer shades. Foldaway the fleece duvet covers for something lighter. Add a pop of colour here and there to turn your home into a bright and happy place. Here are a few fun trends and homeware pieces to bring spring to your home this year and for years to come! 

The power of flowers

As the trees begin to blossom and flowers start to sprout, bring the outside indoors with some floral decor. If you have a softer palette in your home, dried flowers are a great staple and last a whole lot longer than real flowers. Or, why not head straight to the summer shades with the bright and bold blossoms in a rainbow of colours to turn your home into a colourful one! 

Zesty decor

Spring brings more fresh and delicious fruits so why not add a zesty twist to your home with some ripe and ready decor! You can have so much fun with fruit decor - add some subtle fruit touches with some prints or go all out with some zesty curtains or bedsheets!  

All things yellow

Keep the sun shining all season long with bright, golden home decor. Switch to light soft furnishings around the house to keep it as cosy as it was in winter but adding a lighter, happier vibe to your home! Add some small pieces around the house to brighten your space to make it feel more open - a great choice for people living in smaller, darker spaces.  

It’s always fun to switch up your decor and while you’re spring-cleaning, why not make some switches to refresh your space and celebrate all the delights that spring brings! 

What spring style catches your eye? 
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