My Summer Bucket List.

15 Jun 2014

My exams are now over! As of Friday I'm a free women! Well, for 13 weeks that is. For once, the first day of my summer holidays actually felt like it was summer after being woken up by the chirping birds and the sound of a lawn mower. While a 13 week holiday sounds amazing(which it is!), I tend to get bored in the regular 6/7 week summer holiday and spend a lot of my tie just sat o my laptop burning my my legs so I've made a vow to myself to make sure I try and fill my summer while trying to not spend too much money and I thought the best way to accomplish these things is to write a summer bucket list.

More Writing.
It's been a while since I've picked up a pen for enjoyment. Apart from blogging, I've had no time to write what I want. I wish I could finish writing a book this summer but it's a long process and ven more for me when I'm so critical of what I write and end up starting again about four times before just giving up. But while doing my exams, my mind did tend to wander and I've actually come up with a few story ideas that I love to maybe share with you; just short stories or just a chapter or so to see what you think!

More Reading.
Along with the writing, I seemed to have gone on a little reading hiatus during my exams and in that time I've managed to accumulate a few books that I want to read, I few to re read and a few to try and read again where I have failed at ending before. Last summer, I actually made a post at the end of summer called "My Booket List" so I'm planning to do the same this year but do it at the start of summer like a proper bucket list. So let me know if you'd like to see that as it would be a book haul of sorts really.

More Days Out.
Like I said, most summers I get bored and don't do much but I feel this summer will be different as it will be the last time I'll really get to spend time with some of my friends before college as a lot of us are going to seperate colleges. I already have some ideas planned for days out that aren't only fun but also cheap! If you're interested in summer Budget days out let me know and I could write a post about some ideas!

I mentioned this in a last post and if you follow me on Instagram than you'll know that I'm planning on going away and I now know it'll be around August time that we manage to get away on adventures. I'm unbelievably excited even though the trip does include a lot of travelling from country to country but I know that I'll enjoy it all the same and actually being able to take some photos other than just in my back garden or round my neighborhood.

More Content.
I have a lot of posts planned this month including weekly accounts. There a post that I love to read especially the ones that are like "This Week I..." So I'm planning to try and do those every week of summer so I can document as well as share with you what I've done that week. This won't take away a day of posting but will just add one because I have more time, I feel I want to get as much content out as I can so I'll be blogging y usual days of Monday and Thursday and there will or regular posts on Saturday and  Sunday. I plan to make the weekend posts a lot more relaxed by posting my week accounts on the Sunday and if I have any small hauls or small posts then they will go up on Saturday. I think I'm going to start my weekly accounts straight away even though my first week isn't the most exciting with me going back to school to do some volunteering as well as going to a concert on Wednesday!

This is just a main over view of the things I want to do this summer and no really the specifics but I'm planning on doing a lot this summer so I hope you'll enjoy seeing what I'm up to.
If you have finished exams how were they or if you're still doing them, how are they?
Also, what do you have planned for summer?
Hope you're doing great,


  1. Well done on completing your exams! I'd love to see your booket list (I like the pun)/book reviews, I love reading but never know how to really do book reviews but I love reading them. I also need more ideas of books to read so you doing posts on them would be great :) also, woah, I love your camera!x

    1. Well hopefully the post telling you what I'll be reading this summer will give you some ideas! They'll definitely be some book reviews to follow as well! And thankyou it's my dad's old ones, I love taking film photos :-)!
      Sarah x

  2. Yes I definitely know what you mean, I feel like I need to do everything over summer but never end up doing anything I planned...I'm going to change that this summer as well! :) I haven't been able to write/read as much as I'd like over summer too, hopefully summer means that I will be able to. I love those "this week I" posts, as well as the book haul ones :) Love your new theme too!

    1. Well hopefully we'll both get lots done this summer! I have a lot planned for my bag this summer so I hope you like it and I'm glad you like the new theme:-)!
      Sarah x

  3. I'm very jealous of your camera! I'd love to know what books you're going to read, I need to find some new books to read too, and the pun on bucket list is brilliant! x