“Photography Is A Love Affair With Life.”

16 Jun 2014

I realised that I've never gone in to much detail about my photography apart from the odd instagram plug here in there so I thought, in this post I thought I do an instagram round up, you could say, of my my favourite photos of mine and my mot popular. 

I will start by saying that back 2 years a go I changed up my instagram after one of my followers, who I knew through Tumblr, set up an instagram very different to everyone else's. When he would like other peoples posts, they would post pictures similar to his and they were all gorgeous and just slightly different; not using the same old instagram filters but exploring other filters from other apps. I started to change up my instagram purchasing a few photo editing apps and started use this to edit some of my pictures. I soon became obsessed and my instagram started to change. I ended up deleting all my instagram photos and starting a fresh where most my photos consisted of items placed on my bed and just adding a fancy filter.I almost became a but obsessed with having my feed almost coordinated; if a photo didn't look right next to the one uploaded before, I'd have to delete one of them. A lot of these have been deleted now but there's still a few left!

As I was posting these bed photos, I included a few others of a building in France as well as one fro Yorkshire which soon became my most popular photos. This pushed my experiment more with photography outside my bedroom. This is when my followers had hit about 500 and it was nice to see that people enjoyed my photography. Meanwhile, many people from school grew almost confused as to why I was posting different photos than them and they didn't really understand. I then set up a separate, personal Instagram where I just posted anything and used it to follow friends and left my other account purely to express my love for photography. I also started using my DSLR to improve the quality of my photos also.

Sadly, while still gaining followers, I grew quickly uninspired and ending up uploading regular photos of my newly decorated bedroom from many different angles and uploading once a month which now a a lot are deleted. That brings me to this past month or so where I've found myself back in to the old swing of things; taking, editing and uploading photos. I'm still not uploading as often as I would of hoped to be but it's summer now so I'll have many opportunities to take my camera out and come home to share my photos! While my latest photos aren't getting as many likes or gaining me as many followers as it used to, I enjoy editing and taking the photos a lot more than I used to and, while a bit of a perfectionist still about how my feed looks, I feel a lot more free to post what I want.

I'd love it if you could follow me on my instagram which is in my side bar where you can see my most recent photos but if it makes it easier, my user name is @sarahhjones . Also if you're interested, my more personal instagram account which doesn't have a theme and I do it the usual way with the good old instagram filters it's @sarahndsons.
Would you like to see a post maybe on my photography equipment and cameras and maybe one with my favourite editing apps? Let me know and also leave your instagram accounts in the comments! I'd love to have a nosey! 
Hope you're doing great,