The Reading Habbits Tag

12 Jun 2014

Earlier this year I couldn't stop writing tag posts and I even created one of my own at one point which was The Book Lovers Tag; while I don't know of anyone who actually tried the tag themselves, it was fun all the same. I'm here with a tag of similar interests to the Book Lovers Tag which is the Reading Habbits Tag. I'm not sure who created this tag but I found reading them really interesting all the same; to be able see how different people read so I thought I would join in and answer them too.

Do you have a Certain Place at home for reading?
I don't have a place specifically allocated to reading all though I do wish I had my own library like in Beauty and The Beast but that's beyond a dream! I tend to read in bed as it's a place where I can get all cosy!

Bookmark or a Random piece of paper?
The amount of book marks I have bough or been given as gifts is ridiculous but when it comes to me needing one I can't find it all so I do have to grab a random piece of paper whether it's an old train ticket or a receipt. I do have this slightly strange thing where I'll get a random piece of paper and feel I have to jazz it up a bit and I normally just write a quick quote on it because I have a weird love for quotes!

Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a certain number of pages?
Most likely, I just can't stop! I normally just read to the end of a chapter or till a page where a sentence finishes write at the bottom and doesn't carry on to the next page. I will normally just read till I'm nodding off but I still can't just stop I have to get either to a page with completed final sentence, the end of a chapter or I have been known to stop at a unit of 10.

Do you eat or drink while reading?
Eating-no. One thing I can't stand is having music on, watching TV or trying to read and have the noise of myself chewing and crunching my food. As for drinking, I love love a good hot chocolate while I'm reading if it's just before I go to bed or a cup of peppermint tea.

Do you watch TV or Listening to music while reading?
I don't actually know anyone who can read and watch TV at the same time but no I don't watch TV. I do, However, listen to music as I can't go without music and I find it helps build up an atmosphere for the book. If you're familiar with my 8Tracks I have two playlists entitled Let's get Lost in A Book which you can listen to 1 and 2. I also ,on my 8Tracks, have created playlists specific to books as well.

One Book at a time or several at once?
I've always been a one book at a time but recently, when studying numerous books for school, I've realised I can probably manage one or two at a time so as it stands at the moment it's one at a time but I think I'll try a couple at once soon and see how it goes however, doing this does mean that I'll finish the books a lot quicker and will have to buy more so maybe it's not the smartest move for my bank!

Reading at home or everywhere?
I don't really go much where I'll know I'll be able to read but while I love reading at home, I read on long car journeys before I feel a little sick, train journeys and, before the exam stress, I read regularly at school at dinner times because I preferred that to going outside. No wonder I'm so pale! While I prefer to read at home, it doesn't stop me from taking a book wherever I go.

Reading out loud or silently in your head?
Seeing as I listen to music, it would be a bit silly to be reading out loud but if I'm familiar with a book- if it's my second time I've read it I sometimes do read out loud and also if I don't fancy listening to some music, I find it hard to read in silence so will just start reading out loud. Sometimes when reading out loud, I actually get a head of myself and just end up reading in my head.

Do you read a head or skip pages?
I can tell I'm not enjoying a book if I do this because if I do skip pages I end up getting confused and if I'm not enjoying the book I'll read ahead, get confused and normally just give up. I do tend to skip the odd word but nothing dramatic like a page unless, like I said, I'm not enjoying it.

Breaking Spine or keeping brand new?
I've always tried to keep the looking brand new but there's something intriguing to well worn book with a broken spine. For me it's one or the other- ruined with yellow page edges or clean and tidy with a perfect spine. I can't deal with half and half! If everything's fine but a corner's bent, I have to make sure I fix the corner or read it well!

Do you write in Books?
School books yes and I actually really enjoy it and I sometimes do get the urge to highlight quotes in books but I never have as I think if I was to do that, it would have to be in a separate copy! I did draw an infinity sign in my copy of the fault in our stars.

So there we go! I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe even found it interesting to see how I read.
What's your favourite book? I'd love some new suggestions!
Hope you're doing great,


  1. I definitely can't stop reading at the end of a chapter as well, I just stop when I'm way too sleepy or I am forced to do something else haha. I can't watch tv while I'm reading either, too distracting!

    1. I real until I can't anymore! I know it is very distracting watching tv at the same time; I don't know how people can do it!

  2. Sarah, post this on the tumblr group? It's so cute and I'd love to do it x