Summer 'Book'et List

21 Jun 2014

Last summer I did one of these where I included books I wanted to read and if I'd managed to read them. However, last year I posted the post at the end of summer where as this year I've decided to write it at the start and then through out my weekly(ish) accounts, you'll be able to see if I've managed to read the or not!

 The Re reads 
There's some books that are so good that they deserved to be read at least twice. Where Things Come Back is a book I've spoken about before and even said it's my favourite book. Before my exams started, I planned on reading it again so I could do a long over due review but exams came around a lot earlier than expected so I had to postpone reading it but now I have more than enough time to read it!
Another one is The Catcher In The Rye; this was a book I thoroughly enjoyed but I felt I rushed through it and didn't get out of it as much as I would of hoped to so I think it's about time I read it again!

The Newbies
I have an endless list of books I want to of read but sadly my bank can't handle that many books being bought so there is a few definite reads starting with Paper Aeroplanes; I included this in haul back before my exams but again I didn't have enough time to read it before my exam head was on so this will be one I'll be reading. Another is Thirteen Reasons Why. This is a book I have been wanting to read for over a year now and I've only just managed to buy it so it will be one of the first ones that I'll be reading. Along with these two there is a fairly new release called Look Who's Back which is about Hitler returning to Germany in the modern day and seeing things have changed to the complete opposite to what he was trying to achieve when he was the all powerful Fuhrer. After doing a lot of GCSE work on Hitler, I think this will be a nice one to see how the author ties in the history behind Hitler's Rein. At the moment it's only in hardback and so is very expensive so I will have to keep a look out to see when it's on offer.
It's been a while since I've read a new John Green book and I'm very late to the party when it comes to wanting to read Paper Towns. If it's anything like any of his others I think I'll really enjoy it! 
There is a lot more including Maze Runner that I'd love to read before the film and a few others but I think I'm already being a little ambitious.

Second Chances.
I think it's time I've gave some books some second chances starting with Everyday. This is a book that I had high hopes for as people saying it's written similarly to John Green's books but I really couldn't get into it as I felt the love side to this was introduced too early and that's a small pet peeve of mine. While the book it far from realistic with it being narrated by someone who wakes up everyday in someone else's body, it would be nice if something was still a little real about it. Another one I'm willing to give another chance is The Abundance Of Katherines; while I love John Green books, this was one I found harder to get into and I think I'd put it down to the size of the book as it's a lot longer than any of the other John Green books I'd read but , being John Green, I think it deserves another chance.

So there's my 'Book'et List and I thought I'd let you know that the first book I'll be reading is Thirteen Reasons Why. If you plan on reading any of the mentioned books this summer feel free to let me know and we can compare notes!
Hope you're doing great, 

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