Sarah's Summer!

2 Sept 2013

So, as with every summer, I will go back to school and friends will be talking all about their holidays and all the amazing adventures they went on with their friends and families. Some may ask me what I'd been up to the past 6/7 weeks and I'll just reply "Not Much" and from someone looking in that's what they'd see during those 6/7- Not much at all. However, to me I enjoy my summer and all the little days out I would have during my summer so I'm going to share some of my favourites with you!
The first thing I did in summer is head into Manchester for some well earned retail therapy; I tend to have a long periods of time where I spend nothing at all to where I'm ready to spend spend spend and I was ready to do so!

Some summer holidays, I'd go the whole period of time without seeing a single friend and I didn't want that to happen this time so I invited two of my friends round where we tried our best to cook spaghetti bolognese and we played a game of monopoly in the garden.

It is very rare these days that Me and my family all manage to go out together on a family expedition but we managed a day trip to Knowsley Safari Park where I decided to finally finish my film on my film camera. It was such a nice fun day out going through through the baboon enclosure (twice) and seeing the meerkats who were definitely not camera shy!

You can see more of the photos I took that day on my flickr here!
Next thing I knew, my Godparents and they're sons were coming up from Essex to stay with us for a night. We went out for lunch at the harvester which has to be one of my favourite places to eat! I love seeing Godparents family; they are probably my favourite family and I'm always excited to see them because we all get on so well and It's not often we see them because of the distance between us all.

The is a group of us called the 'Nursery Gang' which is made up of people that my sister went to nursery with and where our families met and when I was brought into the world, I was brought into this little group which we get together with every so often for a nice meal. Because of how nice the weather was, we decided to have a BBQ where we played some badminton on a make-shift badminton caught and I also ended up having a water fight which I ended up soaked! We ended the night round a fire playing games, listening to Pink Floyd and toasting marsh mallows on the fire; This is what summer is all about!

These are some of the main days out and are the stories I tell people when they tell me to illaberate on what I did this summer. But the things I don't tend to say are that I:

  • Went on lots of walks late at night and just admired the beauty of the sky
  • Took day time walks where I practiced using my camera
  • Read numerous books
  • Re- decorated my room
  • Wrote endless amount of playlists 
  • Wrote 2 short stories.
  • Watched all the Batman films in succession 
  • Finally watched The Avengers and Pitch Perfect (what a contrast in film choices)
  • Ended up watching the whole 2nd series of Suburgatory (You Need To Watch It!
  • Made THE best chocolate I've ever made in my life!
Summer isn't just about spending all the time with your friends, I feel it's about having some quality 'me' time and forgetting about all your worries for the weeks you aren't in school and overall just relaxing!

Did you have a good summer? And what was your favourite thing that happened in summer? 
Hope you're having a nice day! x

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