17 Jul 2017

I'm constantly discovering new faves on the internet and so I thought it would time to share some of those with you. 


One of the episodes to this series popped up onto my suggested on YouTube and I quickly found myself watching each episode in the series. The premise of this is a blind date where one has to guess the other's answers to the questions presented before they answer for themselves. I love seeing the variety of answers and it's such a great way to get a feel for different people's stories from all different backgrounds. 


This is an online magazine but I personally love their Instagram. It documents the kind of stories I love and promotes positive messages of equal rights and environmental issues which I am always willing to take some time to read. Their Instagram posts and stories are always worth a read and gives a short snippet of stories. It's definitely an account to give a follow.


Also know as Sha'an, she is what is inspiring me this summer to crack out my paits that I haven't reached for in a while and get creating. Her work is unique and lovely and her youtube videos give us a glimpse as to what it is she's been up to They also proved a nice little watch to keep me inspired and smiling.


If you're as much of if not more of a book enthusiast than me and want to stay on top of bookish news, I always find myself looking towards the fabulous Lala. I particularly love her "Bookmark'd" series; she releases a video each month giving a run down on all book news she's interested in as well as book adaptation news. While she just includes the books and films she's interested in herself, I am thankful we have similar bookish interests so I get up to date through her on a lot of the authors that I love. Lala has really nailed it with this series and, along with all her other videos, she's become my favourite book related youtuber.

So here are just a few internet bits I've loved and I hope you enjoy them too; let me know your thoughts if you check any of them out!
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x 

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