10 Jul 2017

It's taken a while but here some mini reviews for the books I've been reading. 

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This was the perfect book to pick up after being deep in uni work and reading. A story of a girl who doesn't like to speak and a boy that can't hear, they're little journey is sweet and makes for a great twist to the usual young adult fiction. I have to take points off it though for being highly predictable and clich├ęd in some aspects. Overall, I loved this book, the little bit of sign language seen throughout added a extra quirk to the book that I really appreciated. If your up for some lighthearted teen romance this summer, I'd give this one a try. If you were a fan of Jennifer Niven's Holding Up The Universe  I think this would be a great one for you.



This one took me a while to get through and not the fault of the books but more my timing of reading it. However, once I hit a hundred pages I could not put it down just as I'd found the early books. It was super fast paced which I liked as well. After seeing the size, I wasn't too sure whether it would live up to being my favourite of the books as the film does. I do think I actually think I preferred previous books as there wasn't much extra in here than that of the film but I still loved the extra Dobby action that was thrown in.  I definitely preferred the portrayal of Cedric Diggory more in the film than in the book; I didn't feel he had enough of a role in the book which I would have loved. However, the final few chapter were my favourite. I'm not usually one for action but the way this was written was perfect and, overall made for a great ending to a fab book. 



I don't want to say too much about this book just yet as, from what I gather, it is not out until August but I absolutely loved it! It's the first book in a while that had me laugh out loud. It was such a fun read and I ended up finishing it within a day because I enjoyed it so much. Weirdly, I connected to this book because the writers went to the University of York where I go and they drew upon things that, as a student there, I understood. My friend asked me if I would have enjoyed just as much had I not gone to the uni it basically surround? That, I can't really answer but I think the universal nature of Freshers is one that all students can relate to and I think it would be a great one for those wanting to feel nostalgic of their first term at university or want a tiny insight into some of the shenanigans that go on. This is not Ellen and Ivison's first book so I will no doubt be pick their other book soon. Watch this space for a more in depth look of this book in a future post. 

So there are some reviews of the books I've read recently. What books would you recommend I check out next?

Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x 

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