26 Jul 2017

In this What I Ate In A Day, you can see what I eat when all I want are some fail-safe favourite comfort foods. 


To start this day I had one of my Tesco dairy free mango yoghurts along with sainsbury's simple granola and a nectarine. While it may not look like it, minimal effort is needed to make this super summery, simple breakfast that will keep me full all the way to lunch. 


I've been having a constant obsession with the Covent Garden Slow Roast Tomato Soup; it's definitely more of a luxurious soup and I always snatch it up when it's on offer as it's the only soup I like. This doesn't scream summer but it's a fab one for the english summer day's when it's on the cold side and a little rainy out as this day turned out to be. I also make my own crouton style-bread bites. I do this by cutting, usually, 2 slices of bread into square shapes which I place in a shallow pan along with some melted butter, garlic and mixed herbs. I wait until the bread started to crisp and brown before turning them out and serving with my soup.


For me, this is the star of the show. I shared my quick chilli recipe in my first WHAT I ATE IN A DAY. So, I took that fail-safe chilli recipe and instead of just serving it with rice; I added a few tacos as well as some lettuce. On other occasions I add more veg such as carrot and pepper. Along with a small portion of rice, I assemble my so-called tacos. It's such a fun twist on a plain chilli and with those little extras making it my chilli version of a Buddha bowl, it's become my go-to easy meal and is definitely a favourite. 

Hope you enjoyed reading a little about what I've been eating recently. 
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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