How To Improve Your Day RIGHT NOW!

30 May 2020 United Kingdom

Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash
Whether you've just come out a tough meeting, struggling to get out of bed in the morning or just looking to improve your mood today, here are some quick ways to give you a chance to stop, realign and bring some joy to your day!

1. Write down how you're feeling

Vent it out! Good or bad, it's great to get your thoughts down and clear your head. I find apps like Daylio which I've mentioned before is great to help create happy habits - track your mood, activities and add notes on how you're feeling. If you're more of a journal person, take a minute to write a couple of points down. Maybe what you're grateful for that day, the pros and cons of your day.

2. Speak to someone

Ring a friend, tell them how your day is going. A good chat with a colleague at lunch can always help too. Why not take a moment to ring a family member? It can be a great source of happiness throughout the day.

3. Send an unsolicited nice message to someone

If you haven't got time for a call, drop a little "Hope you're having a good day!" or "Hey, I saw this meme and thought of you!" text. While performing a small act of kindness to a friend, you're sure to feel happier yourself as well!

4. Get some fresh air

I can't stress enough how much better I feel after getting outside, even for just a quick walk around the block. When things get overwhelming, it's a great way to switch off, get some headspace and explore your surrounding.

5. Make your fave drink

There's nothing better than a good cuppa - maybe a tea or an iced coffee. Or, is hot chocolate more your thing?

6. Stop, breathe, reset

If you're finding yourself more overwhelmed that normal, maybe confused with all the work you have to do, take a second to stop and re-prioritise your tasks to make sure you can get everything done that is urgent while not overwhelming yourself.

7. Re-plan your day

Similarly to 6, there's no harm in reorganising your plans. If you woke up not in the mood to do what you originally planned for the day, don't worry! You're best changing them to fit your current mood than struggle through one's you aren't happy with. Maybe you just want to accomplish one small thing that day and that's fine. You don't have to be at 100% every day.

8. Do something you enjoy 

Whether it's reading my book for 5 mins in my lunch break, completing a few rows of knitting or doing a small puzzle, I always feel happier to take some time during the day for something I enjoy. I always notice an improvement in my day when I take some time for these small things.

9. Have a 5-min dance break 

Ok, hear me out. Maybe not one if you're in an office or lecture but if you're at home, why not crank up your favourite song to sing and dance along. Don't knock it until you've tried it.

10. Just, smile! 

It doesn't have to be a creepy grimace, but just a little smile is actually psychologically proven to improve your mood.

11.  Put down the phone

While it's easy to think your phone and internet is the source of all happiness, being in the moment definitely brings more joy than you may already realise.

Tell me something that made you happy today!!
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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