My Lockdown Loves

5 Jun 2020

This post contains affiliate links and referral codes but, as always, all opinions remain my own. 

Everyone has been discovering and rediscovering some lovely home-comforts. From books to snacks, here's what I've been loving while I've been spending time at home. I think you will love them too! 

The Muse by Jessie Burton

I've been reading a lot more this year, especially since lockdown and it's given me time to try some books I wouldn't usually pick up, including this one. This was a shockingly good read for me! It's about a lady named Ostelle who gets a job working at a gallery for a woman names Marjorie Quick. When a new painting comes in the galleries possessions, we learnt about the hidden past of this painting relating to the Scholl family, while Ostelle discovers the secrets of Quick. This was such a beautifully written book! Historical fiction is a genre I would actively avoud but after loving this one, it might be a genre I will have to explore further along with giving other Jessie Burton books a read. This was my first 5-star book of the year! 

Grind coffee

Instead of spending my Saturday's hibernating in a café, I've brought the café to me. "Alexa, play Coffee House Spotify Playlist". Grind is a chain of coffee shops here in London, but they also have an online store where you can get a subscription box of their filter coffee or coffee pods! After buying the reusable tin package, a month later I had to grab some refills. It makes such a nice coffee treat and it's not that expensive! If you're a big coffee drinker, I definitely recommend checking them out. 

Banana Bread

Are you keeling over in shock that this made the list? I've lost count of the number of banana loads I've whipped up but, if it's getting me through my days working and summer evenings inside, that's fine with me. I use the Mary Berry recipe and I adapt it to whatever I'm feeling. Whether it's chocolate chunks or switching it out for some Lotus Biscoff spread - it's even nice with no frills and just the banana! My favourite thing to do is take some light brown sugar and scatter this over the top just before it goes into the over and it creates the most perfect, crispy crust. 

The Body Shop Lavender Pillow Spray

I don't whether it really does work or I've just convinced myself that it does but since ordering this, I've definitely noticed an improvement in my sleep. I love spritzing a little on my pillows before getting into bed - it's a really calming, nice step to add to my night routine at the moment. There are so many expensive versions of this but this body shop mist definitely does the job. 


For all those movie nights and midday snacks, popcorn is a superior choice. I'd started buying kernels for me to pop myself. It's so much more cost-effective £1 for 10+ portions of fabulous popcorn. I love adding a spoonful of sugar and a little salt. To fuel my popcorn obsession, my sister and I received a surprise delivery from my parents who bought us a mega box of assorted popcorn from the Popcorn Shed and we love it! Who knew popcorn could come in so many flavours/ These will be the perfect film snack for weeks to come! 

Fresh Flowers

This is definitely been a real love for me in Lockdown. Grabbing a small bunch when I go for my weekly shop or treating myself to a flower delivery, it's definitely brought some colour and joy to the house while working. Bloom & Wild have been a real treat to have - if you haven't used them before, just click here or drop my name "Sarah Jones" at checkout to get £10 off your first order with them - enjoy! 

What have you been loving while in lockdown? 
Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x 

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