How to Create the Perfect Care Package

12 Jun 2020

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When you're missing your friends, there's nothing that shows your appreciation more than sending them a little something. It doesn't have to break to bank, just a small gesture to show them you're thinking of them. A custom care package is a great way to do just that! If you're looking for some ideas for how to create a care package on a budget that is full of personalised ideas, this should help you out. Whether it's a quarantine care package, here is some ideas of what to put in a care package for a friend,

1. Pretty postcards

Whether you write a little note on the back of a cute postcard or it's a cute print that would look pretty on their pinboard, notecards are a perfect addition to a care package. The punnier the better - am I right? Paperchase postcards are always great or, why not check out some indie illustrators on Etsy. 

2. Hot chocolate & tea 

Keep them stocked up on their favourite hot drinks. Some single hot chocolate sachets are great. Send a mix of flavours and brands for them to try. For the tea drinkers, treat them to some calming tea bags you think they will love.

3. Stickers! 

If your friends are anything like mine with stickers all over their laptop, maybe they have room to squeeze a cute, new one on there. I pick all mine up from Red Bubble but there are some wonderful indie businesses like Minddaises, Katnipp Studios and Abbie Paulhus who have some beautiful stickers and prints, ideal for a care package.

4. Something crafty

A super-soft, super chunky ball of yarn and a set of needles is a great idea! Knitting is a really fun hobby and will be something a bit different in your care package. Alternatively, why not add a small embroidery kit? A little project to keep them busy. There are so many craft kit subscription boxes around as well that make a fun gift.

5. A personal playlist

Are they a music lover? Recommend them 10 new songs you think they'll enjoy just on a card or a piece of paper. Add some cute drawings and beautiful calligraphy - a small, inexpensive addition but really adds that personal touch.

6. A pre-loved book

I feel there's something special about passing on a book you loved - a personal recommendation. If you can't part from your copy, you can find second-hand copies around the web. Pick up one and save your pennies. Even second-hand, your friend is sure to appreciate it just as much as a new addition.

7. Snugly socks

Who doesn't love a pair of fun socks?! New Look always has fabulously punny socks that are always a fun extra. A care package staple really!

8. Candles

Lighting a candle always has a relaxing effect. Beware of their weight, otherwise, postage will cost a fortune! Maybe, stick to some little scented tea lights? They are great for around the bath or freshening up their room.

9. Hand cream

Especially at the moment but hand cream is a staple - you can't have enough. The body shop has great mini hand creams in a range of amazing scents. These are perfect to have in your handbag or just around the house.

10. A little snack (or two)

Put together a pick n mix of all their fave chocolates or sweets. Treat them to those lux chocolates they always look for. Cliff bars and cereal bars as well are sure to keep them happy! 

If you're building a care package, what would you include? 
Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x 

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