DIY Wall Art: TFIOS Inspired.

3 Jul 2014

Since the release of TFIOS film and since I've had a lot of free time and been able to get creative, I've come up with a little DIY for a TFIOS inspired wall art that looks a lot like a scroll but I really like the overall look of this and it's very simple to make! From the photos, you'll be able to see that I didn't want to stick to the usual colours of blue, white and black and thought I would switch it up to make it something that will look really pretty in my room.

All I used to make this was:
A selection of fabric
Multi purpose glue / glue gun
fabric scissors
a long piece of wood - I used a long chopstick (it works ok?)

  1. Firstly, I cut out two identical cloud shapes out- one from each colour of fabric chosen for the clouds. Then cuttings out the letters to the words Okay? Okay. in the opposite colours to the clouds. If I'm not doing a very good job at explaining, it's fairly self explanatory and hopefully the pictures above will help you to understand.
  2. Then taking another colour of fabric, which for me was a light blue, I cut about an A3 size piece of the fabric before folding in all the edges to make sure they are neat. At this point, I ironed out my fabric as it was very creased as well as ironing down the folds to make life a little easier when it came to gluing. I did this for 3 of the sides and for the side that was going to be at the top, I made sure I folded over a lot more than the other sides before ironing this down as well.
  3. I went ahead now and glued down 3 of the sides and for the top, I made sure to glue just a thin strip for it to stick but enough room to thread through my wood/ chopstick. At this point, if I had more time, I could of sewed instead of glued.
  4. I now just took the same glue and stuck down my clouds and lettering in the correct positions and giving all the glue now the chance to dry before moving on.
  5. I next fed through the chopstick through the top of the scroll before taking some string and tying it on either end. For security, I wrapped the thread round the chopstick a few times before tying it. 
  6. All that was left to do was hang it and I've finished! 
I hope you enjoyed this DIY post and let me know if you liked this style of post and if you'd like to see more DIYs because I have a few ideas in mind including some other wall art ideas!
Have you watched TFIOS yet?
Hope you're doing great,


  1. aww this is wicked! i haven't even watched/read tfios but i love this! xx

    1. Aw thankyou and also I urge to read the book! Whether you like reading or not, it's definitely one you should!
      Sarah x