Summer Week #3

6 Jul 2014

This week was far from interesting as I spent most of the week having guilty lye ins and just planning some blog posts for the next few weeks. I did get a letter in the mail from Lewis Watson as I have bought from his online shop as well as being part of his mailing list to know up and coming Lewis Watson related business a long with extra videos or music. This letter included something very exciting; it included a code to listen to his debut album prior to release. While I know I'm one of thousands to have been able to be listening to the album prior to release, I still very privileged! I'm going to leave that at that as I'm going to be talking in more detail about Lewis and his album in Monday's post so look out for that!
Being a lazy week, I decided to do something I haven't done in ages and that was give my feet some lovin'. Avon, I feel, are one of the best brands for foot care products and I used a new one which is their Foot Works salt scrub along with their Triple Duty Cream which is actually an old favourite of mine. I then finished of my foot pamper with some nail varnish.
After this, I felt like I was leaving my hands out so I decided to give them some love too.
A curse of being home and not having much to do is the curse of internet shopping and shopping in general. I have ordered so much recently and it's yet to all arrive so I'll probably include that in next weeks post. I ordered a new ipod charger from Amazon as well as some travel cube that I'd heard a few people talk about and, as I am going on my travels soon, I thought they would be something useful to have. While they are not the best quality and were fairly cheap, I know they'll work as well as I want them too. 
I also seem to have suddenly run out of a lot of usual products (let me know if an empties interests you) so I picked up another Garnier Micellar Water as well as the Garnier Moisture Match Moisturiser- both of which I have spoken about before. I had also run out of my usual Good Things Cleanser so I thought I would turn to an old favourite for a change in hoping that I can hopefully clear up a lot of my spots over this summer. It is the Clean & Clear Spot Control Daily Wash. I have spoken about and used this before and I know that it normally ends in great results. Let me know if you're interested in a full review!
That was it for this week apart from finishing 13 Reasons Why and moving on to reading The Maze Runner.
To end the week, my mum kindly treated to lunch at one of our favourite places which was delicious!
So a very quiet week this week and I think next week will be just the same.
What have you been up to this week? I'd also love to know if you have an ideas of things you would like to see on my blog over the summer.
Hope you're doing great,


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