Asos And Diet Coke: Treasure Hunk Competition.

30 Jul 2014

Today is a day I don't normally post on so it must be something exciting I'm going to share!
Asos have teamed up with Diet Coke for a chance for you to win a host of prizes including personalised "share a coke" bottles encrusted with crystals and a unique customised ring pull to mark the 20th Anniversary of the Diet Coke Hunk this year.
The competition started on the 28th however, I only received the parcel and information today but it doesn't matter as you can still join in!
Each day, ASOS will hide Diet Coke "Hunks" in unexpected areas across the ASOS site. To find them, you have to crack the clues given of Coke's Facebook Page and and put the answer directly into the search bar to reveal the hunk who will be wearing a Diet Coke T-Shirt with the customer's name on it.
To be entered into the daily prize draw, those who find the hunk need to simply enter in their details. ASOS select a daily winner at random and at the end of six weeks, one lucky person will win a bespoke nine carat, rose gold diamond encrusted ring pull pendant and a sterling silver chain worth £4,500 designed but award-winning jeweller Katie Rowland.
So why not have a go! You've got nothing to lose just gain and it's such a fun way to have the chnce on winning something worth £4,500!!! Go over to the Coke Facebook page to join in the hunt as well as for more information or leave me any questions and I can try and help.
Who would you share a coke with?
Hope you're doing great,

This post is sponsered by Asos and Coke, however, they did not force me to share this with you but I thought it would be something you may be interested in!

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