Book To Big Screen: Mockingjay Pt 1

1 Dec 2014

Last Thursday I headed to the cinema with my sister and some of her friends to watch the Hunger Games Mockingjay Part ; the 3rd out of 4 movies based on the 3rd and final book. It was a great day to go as we went at 11 o'clock as I was off school and so I hoped it would be quiet and I was right; we were the only people in the cinema. With this film, I hadn't read the book again prior to the film's release but I wouldn't still remember a lot of what happened and my opinion on the book was similar to everyone else's and that was "Mocking Jay" was sadly the worst of the three hunger games book so I went in there with not the highest of hopes because usually if a book isn't that good, it's hard to turn that into a good film. 
Surprisingly though, I really enjoyed it. Maybe not as much as the other two but I would happily watch it again. I felt they turned a book that wasn't that good actually in to a good film and they did well with what they had to work with changing it where necessary to make the film even better than the book which is very unusual. I loved watching the rebellion unfold and seeing the other districts fight against the capitol which you don't see much of in the book. 
I have to mention the singing scene. In interviews I'd scene of Jennifer, she said the singing scene was her least favourite to film but it was actually one of my favourite parts of the film especially when the rebellions from the other districts started to join in. It was beautifully haunting and I loved it.
One thing I did enjoy about the last book was the mention and making of the propaganda which also played a big part in the film which I was happy about as it's very relate able to world affairs to today and how governments uncertain countries hide certain things to "protect" their people. 
From what I remember from the book Effie didn't play much of a big part in it where as she seemed to in the film which I think was a good choice as it added some light humor and something extra to the film. I also love the relationship between hr and Haymitch during the films.
I do feel it was more of a filler film, setting us up for the last one but it was tense, thrilling, edge of your seat stuff once it got going. It is definitely a film I would watch again and it's got me excited for the next and final installment.

Have you scene the new Hunger Games yet?
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