Staying Inspired

24 Nov 2014

Recently my blog has been lacking substance. When writing my posts I don't feel as passionate as I used to and every weekend when I come to write my posts for the following Monday and Thursday I'm often stuck these days in thinking of posts that not only I will enjoy but you as well. I thought to give myself a bit of help and maybe yourself, I thought I would give you some ways to get inspired!
  • Always carry a notebook; you never know when you'll have a stroke of inspiration!
  • Try free writing. Just sit and write and see where it gos.
  • Quit Beating yourself up! It happens to everyone.
  • Take Breaks. Don't force it and let the ideas flow naturally.
  • Take Risks. Don't stick to your comfort zone and explore new aspects to blogging.
  • Go Somewhere New. It may bring you new inspiration as well as another blog post!
  • Collaborate. Just because you're uninspired doesn't mean everyone else is so maybe someone can help you.
  • Watch a documentary
  • Re-read your favourite book
  • drink tea
  • sing in the shower
  • have fun 
  • distract yourself. Put it to the back of your mind and suddenly an idea could pop out form no where!
This is just a quick post with tips but I am unfortunately feeling very uninspired recently when it comes to my blog and I some times feel a little lost into what you want me to post as well as what I want to post as well. Hopefully I'll be feeling inspired again soon and maybe you could give me some ways you stay inspired.

How do you stay inspired?
Hope you're doing great,

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