Dehydrated Skin.

13 Nov 2014

It was not so long ago that everything about my skin confused me. How could I have acne prone skin(which usually means oily skin) and then suffer from dry skin? It was a few months ago that I thought it was about time I did my research and what I found explains everything and has helped me a lot as I found didn't have dry skin but had dehydrated skin. Many, just like I did, think these are just the same things but while dry skin is a skin type, dehydrated skin is a skin condition and is why you can have oily skin as well as dehydrated.

The lucky thing about dehydrated skin is an easier puzzle to solve than if you have dry skin as this is to do with the moisture levels in your skin being too low and can be caused by sun damage or exposure to water where as dehydrated skin can most commonly be caused by the products used. Over the last few months, I've been trying to help my dehydrated skin in a hope that it will one day no longer be a problem.

Water: A common reason for dehydrated skin is lack of hydration so in all skin cases, drinking lots of water is very helpful and while I can't lie and say I stick to this, I do think it really helps my skin when I do drink water. It can be hard to want to drink water as it's pretty boring but adding some fruit such as lemon or mint can help add something to the flavor so it's not as boring. Also by carrying a refillable bottle around with you can help you want to drink more water and might encourage you to do so.

What are you putting on your face? I think a big problem for me was the actual products I was using on my face.Many of my products catered to oily skin which often contain ingredients that dry out the skin and may be too aggressive on the skin. Also, products containing alcohol can lead to irritation so I make sure I by alcohol free products. Getting dehydrated skin can also be a blessing in disguise as it can be indicating to you that you need to take it back to basics instead of layering all these lotions and potions on to your face.

Moisturisers: Something I'm now a lot more careful with is moisturiser; before I thought I'd need the thickest moisturiser and while I still like to use one every so often, I now know it can lead to more problems in the form of a breakout almost straight away or in a couple of weeks so I try and use a thinner moisturiser most of the time.

These are just a few tips that  I've found have helped me and my dehydrated skin. I thought this might help some of you because I hadn't got clue what the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin was and so some of you might not either!

Do you have any skin care tips for dry/dehydrated skin?
Hope you're doing great,

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