If You Like Troye Sivan.

6 Nov 2014

After doing a similar post to this on similar artists to Ed Sheeran, I thought I would share with you some more artists but this time similar to Troye Sivan.
Troye was a well known YouTuber before he graced us with his amazing, unique EP TRXYE. His song made on to radios in England and people have been loving Troye's sound. However, having just five songs on his EP, it's left people hungry for more of Troye's unique sound so I thought I would compile a few artists that, if you love Troye, you will love as I feel they share some similarities and may help you find some great new artists as well as feed your hunger for the original sound Troye has.

Jaymes Young.
Jaymes is a fairly recent discovery of mine and I've fallen in love with the sounds he creates which I feel are very similar to those of Troye's. Jaymes has a gorgeous voice that is great any time of the day. His songs range from some being very slow and very melodic where as others have a bit more base and seem to which is similar to that in Troye's Happy Little Pill.
Tracks To Check Out: Dark Star, One Last Time & I'll Be Good

James Blake.
Another James but this James' sound is very different. While James Blake's sound does have some similarities to Troye's this is more of a recommendation that if you like Troye you may like James. His songs are quite chilled and kind of electronic.It has a slight hip-hop vibe I think it's a required taste but one everyone should be willing to try. His sound is an interesting one but it really works and is one to definitely check out.
Tracks To Check Out: Limit To Your Love, Retrograde & A Case Of You.

Shannon Saunders.
I saw Shannon support Lewis Watson back last year and I'd listened to her before. At that point she was a small artist who just posted videos on YouTube really. Her songs ha amazing lyrics and were soft and slow. Now, she seems to have really grown as an artist and some of her more recent tracks I feel are very similar to Troye's and is like the female voice version.
Tracks to check out: Sheets, Colour Me Green & Atlas.

The Neighbourhood.
One of Troye's songs "Fun" reminds me of some of the songs I've listened to by the Neighbourhood. The band that has that really catchy song Sweater Weather. I'm a massive fan of the Neighbourhood and I just love their sound and it's one to go and have a listen if you haven't already.
Tracks To Check Out: Alleyways, Afraid & W.D.Y.W.F.M?

So that's all for today's post and I hope you like the music recommendations. Let me know if you listen to any of them! Are there any other artists you'd like me to share some similar artists to?
Hope you're doing great,

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