16 Jan 2014

It's probably becoming slightly boring to see my posts about New year at this point with post over the last few weeks have been purely based on my 2013 favourites and I'm finally thinking to the future and I'm now going to quickly summarise some of my resolutions in the blogging world and also just personal ones so I hope you enjoy!

1. Plan ahead! 
This refers to blogging and personal life.It's coming up to the end of year 11; the last year of high school and the time when my GCSEs take place so I'm going to plan ahead with revision times so I make sure I use my time wisely! Blog wise; many times I've left doing a blog post to a night or two before I'm scheduled to so I think maybe putting a little more effort into planning ahead will possibly make my life a lot easier as well as improving my blog. Still being at school, when I receive a diary as a Christmas or birthday present I tend to not use it but when I got a cute Cath Kidston one for Christmas I thought it would be perfect to plan blog posts.

2. Schedule.
This one is very similar to the last as I'm going to try and schedule revision times as well as trying to keep a strict blog post schedule. I have set up a survey which, if you don't mind, can take here. One of the questions is which posts would you like me to post on and I think I'll be posting Mondays and Thursdays and maybe the odd unscheduled post on a weekend but those days will be set for the time being and if they do change I'll be sure to let you know!

3. Be Healthier.
This is a very cliche resolution but I say it every year and it's one I try my best to uphold but this year I've decided to push my self a little further with its.I'm not the most unhealthy person but I'm a fan of the odd bit of chocolate. I take my own lunch to school so it is a lot easier to have a healthier lunch and so are not sucked in by calorie loving food that is served in a canteen. I would class my lunch as healthy any way; being made up of a chicken salad, an apple, maybe some carrot sticks and a cheeky chocolate biscuit but I being healthy does include exercise. I class P.E lessons as a healthy advantage to help you with your fitness for free. In our school when you reach year 11 you get to choose which sport you do and each day you have PE so for example I have PE on Tuesdays and I do handball,  basketball on Thursday and Hockey on Friday. As well as trying to raise my fitness through school, I will be definitely looking for some help from Blogilates so I can do some excercise from the comfort of my own home without being embarrassed of people surrounding you like you would be at the gym.

4. Put Myself out there.
I'm forever hiding away in a corner; staying in at dinners just to read a book or to do a bit of work which is all good but I should try a little bit at least to be a bit more sociable. I also want to try and be a little more confident with myself and not hide in the shadows of others.

5. Do more what I love.
This is referring to my love of writing and reading. These tend to suffer especially when it comes to my exams and they have always been my little escape but I don't manage to escape for long when my heads being overloaded with homework. I have been wanting to write a story, at least a short one, for a while now and I've never to either get my ideas down on paper or being able to think of a clear story line so I'm going to try my best this year to at least star a story that I'm proud with!

6. Sleep more.
My sleeping pattern is awful and it's just making my school life even harder because I'm so tired I just want to curl up and fall asleep on the desk. I think it would benefit as well as the people around as I won't be as tired, resulting in my being a lot less grumpy!

I'm going to keep this posts down to 6 but there are loads of little things that I would love to accomplish or do better in 2014 for the sake of myself and others!

What are some of your new years resolutions?

hope you're ok ,


  1. Great resolutions! I also want to be a little healthier-starting Pilates lessons soon! I really miss PE at school, despite it never being my favourite lesson, but after you leave, you realise what a privilege it is to have those hours specifically to look after yourself with trainers for 100% free! Love basketball-would have definitely picked that too :) L xo

    1. Basketball is such a good sport to take up! Especially if you're as competitive as I am as you just don't stand still :-)! x