What I Got For My Birthday.

27 Jan 2014

It's sad that everyone feels they have to start Christmas and birthday hauls like this but in no way am I showing off with the presents I received for my birthday this year; I have decided to show you because I feel you may be interested in what I got. 
On a happier note, I'm now 16! Not being a big lover of birthdays, I found it weird how excited I found myself the days leading up to my birthday- I think it was because of the realization I can finally buy a scratch card!
Being on Friday, I wasn't up for big celebrations and neither was my exhausted mum and dad but they invited a few friends down and I joined them after I'd had my bath which I'd been looking forward to all week- especially after we had circuit training that day and I also had the pleasure of witnessing a women give birth in science (I hope these aren't signs!). Mum had bought Caterpillar cake (at my request) and so we got stuck into that aswell. I also had the lovely surprise the next morning of pancakes for breakfast!
But anyway, onto the presents!

Cath Kidston 'Notting Hill' Make up bag: This was something I've been after for a while now and it was the perfect present to add to my list for my birthday. When I did open it, I was actually surprised to see it was blue as I was expecting white but I actually prefer the blue as I haven't seen many people with this version before. If you want to see a What's in my make up bag, feel free to let me know!

Heated Owl: I actually already had one of these that I'd been using over the past few days in the mornings when I'm waiting in the freezing cold for the bus to come to take me to school. Over those days, I started to notice the lavender smell had started to fade and was replaced with the smell of burnt rice so a new one has come along at just the right time and looking at how the whether is going,I'll be getting a lot of use out of it I'm sure.

Topshop Socks and Make up Bag: I think it's a make up bag but it's the perfect size for my pencil case for school and I really love it along with the cute frilly socks. I've owned a pair of the ever so talked about Topshop socks so this will be a first!

Rainbow Rowell books: As you can probably tell, they aren't featured in the photo but is just small print outs of the book covers. A note came with them saying they were on there way and I can't wait to read them and, of course, review them! I can't wait to read both of these as as I'e gone off an a more dystopian novel route; reading The Hunger Games and Divergent and I want to go back to my contemporary novels for a while and I think these are the perfect book to get me back into them!

James Blake Album: This is an album that's interested me for a while now as his sound is so chilled and unique (similar to the xx I guess) and in fact I'm listening to it for the first time as I write this post. This is an album that would be perfect for the bath or just having a chill, writing blog posts!

David Walliams Audio books: I know what you may be thinking; these books are slightly too young for me, I know but I read my first David Walliams book 'The Boy In The Dress' when I was 12 and I love it and I've read Billionaire boy as well so how could I not read the rest of his. They may be aimed at young people but anyone could read them and not be able to contain their laughter in some parts. I can't wait to listen to these and maybe even read along with them.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette: Saving the best till last; this was by far my favourite present as it's just perfection! Yes, the coloured aren't the most excited but they are still great for every day use and for base colours and travelling! I am so happy I got this palette and I know I'm going to absolutely love it!

So that's what I got for my birthday. Let me know if you've got/read/listened any of the things I've mentioned your self!
Hope you're doing great,

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