Weekend Special #2: Another Haul.

26 Jan 2014

Yesterday (Saturday), I headed into town to spend a bit of my birthday money (birthday haul tomorrow) and I was going to include these things in my birthday haul but I thought I'd split it up so you could have a post this weekend!

Unbelievable! The Bizarre World Of Coincidence:  We have this local shop called The Works which is just like a WH Smiths that is full of amazing offers and every so often They have an 'Everything Must Go!' so I picked up this book on a whim. It contains stories of surprise surprise, coincidences for example one of the stories is about a man who catches the same baby falling out a window exactly one year apart. It just interested me and at only £2.99 I thought it was a steal.

The Complete Digital Photo Manual: This was another book I picked up from The Works and I'e been looking for a book like this but they've always been so expensive but this one had been reduced from £17 to £6 so I thought it would be perfect as I'm wanting to improve my photographic abilities this year and I'm sure this book will be very helpful!

L'Oreal True Match Foundation in C1: This was the lightest shade they had and it's perfect for me! I've been eyeing it up for ages and I made a promise that I would buy it as soon as my birthday was over as I'm scraping the last bits of my normal foundation. I thought this foundation may be a little too light or too pink but, I've tried it out once and it seems to be great. Let me know if you want a full review!

Collection Fast Stroke Black Eyeliner: This another product I've been eyeing up for a while and at £2.99 and some money left on a boots gift card. I thought I'd try it out as I've always been an anti-eyeliner person as I have quite hooded eyelids and you can never really the eye shadow that I apply with the eyeliner; but I feel, as it's a new year, I'll give it another chance to win my heart!

Collection Longer Lash Mascara: I saw Nick using this in a Pixiwoo video and the change in her lashes were ridiculously massive; I thought I would try it out myself as I love my Avon Extend Mascara and I fancied an alternative. This mascara is a weird one for me- it applies quite strangely as it doesn't really catch my lashes in between the bristles like other mascaras do and you don't feel as if there will be a difference but there is as my lashes extend amazingly well and think I will grow to love it.

Sleek 'Garden Of Eden' Palette: I've been looking forward to getting my hands on this new release since before Christmas when I was on the look out for some green eye shadows. I was on the verge of spending my pennies on the green coloured smokey eye set from Bourjois but now I'm so gad I held on that little bit longer and got my hands on this palette. I'm going to have endless amounts of fun with the endless combinations of colours with this palette. As normal, if you would like a full review and swatches let me know!

If there's anything mentioned that you would like to here more on leave your questions in the comments or ask me if you're wanting full reviews as I'd be happy too!
Hope you're doing great ,
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  1. I really want to try that mascara, I've only tried one from collection and it was quite disappointing, but hopefully this one will do justice to my puny lashes!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.