Winter SOS.

23 Jan 2014

I'm starting this post with something completely unrelated but it's my birthday tomorrow and I can't believe I'll be 16! Expect a birthday haul on Monday of course!

Even though it doesn't feel like winter as I'm still yet to have to wear a hat and scarf outside, my skin is still suffering from this weather and it doesn't seem to have been getting enough moisture without the help of a few products so here's some of the moisturising products I've been to tackle the winter dry skin.

 Do I really need to explain to you and tell you that I have chosen the obvious Soap & Glory Hand Food. This stuff is amazing and I have proof! My friend suffers from severe dry skin on her hands and arms and see found it hard to eliminate this dry skin as most moisturisers are scented but she tried this one and, even though it's scented amazingly, it didn't cause her any discomfort and her dry skin nearly disappeared completely 

 I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I never use to you conditioner as I found it made my hair greasy and weighed it down a lot but recently I've been using this Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner with just any other shampoo. If you're wanting a moisturising shampoo, the Treseme shampoo for dry hair worked amazingly for me!

When I saw GlitterAlittle use the Garnier Moisture Match Moisuriser for Dry Skin in a lot of her YouTube videos and when my skin hit dry rock bottom, I decided to buy this. I've got to say it doesn't fit my skin type completely and so leaves my skin l feeling a little greasy but applying this before I go to bed means most of the left over product sinks into my skin overnight and is not greasy in the morning but nice and smooth.

 Any lip product works great for me and recently I've been grabbing my Baby Lips in 'Hydrate'. It works fine and I really like it but after a while I find the smell goes a little funny. Am I he only one who thinks this? I'm wanting to try the intensive care Baby Lips so if you have used this could you let e know if you like it maybe!

 I have two products for this starting with the Nivea In-Shower body Moistursier; I've mentioned this before as it's great when it's cold and don't want to have to stand in the cold while you're doing an all over body moisturise when you can do it the warmth of your shower. I've also included this Body Shop Body Butter which I've been loving as it smells amazing as well as being an amazing body butter. It also sinks into my skin surprisingly quick seeing as I find the product quite thick but I really do love this!

I hope you enjoyed this post and do you have any great moisturising recommendations?
Hope you're doing great,

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