Lets Have A Chat.

31 May 2014

I remember creating this blog as a place to almost talk to myself and to those who were there on the other side of the computer to just read and hopefully just enjoy. However, my blog quickly changed into mainly a beauty blog which wasn't my full intention. Before anyone jumps to conclusions, I will carry on beauty blogging as it's something I absolutely love but I don't want to just be a beauty blogger and when I've tried to switch my posts up a little bit, people don't seem to enjoy it as much so I end up just sticking to the beauty. I've always been a listener; someone who could sit for hours and listen to people talk about their problems. I also have always been that friend that seemed to give advice on situations I'd never been in myself but seemed to help people none the less. Me saying this is my way of saying that I would love to do an advice spot on my blog: I know many people would say that it's ridiculous for a girl of 16 to be giving advice when she hasn't even experienced the world.Believe me when I say I understand that because I haven't experienced all aspects of being hurt or being stuck in a sticky situation but a small bit of advice from me or from anyone could mean a lot to a person who hasn't had any help what so ever. All advice is advice no matter how small- or even unhelpful sometimes- in can be; whether it's something as simple as "Don't sit on that bench it's wet" to something as deep and life changing as "Follow your dreams whatever they may be". All advice is advice.

I'm already going off on a long tangent and there's still a few things I want to mention but all the spiel is me saying that I want to do more on my blog whether it is giving advice or cooking or DIYs because I love little textiles projects and I've sadly not been able to show much to you along with my love for photography. My most viewed post is one about categorizing people so maybe you'd like posts similar to that where I just write?Of course I will be carrying on beauty blogging but it's not always the most interesting thing from me to write especially when I'm trying to save money but to keep my blog interesting and getting people to actually read the full post I feel a little bit of pressure t be buying new products. It's got to the point where I've taken my photos for another haul, sat down to write and soon enough giving up because hauls or reviews wasn't the main reason for me starting this blog; it was to share all aspects of the things I enjoy not just the beauty side. If I was to blog about a wider range of interests, it will not only make me happier and enjoy blogging more but will definitely make my bank happy! For this to work and for me to be able to change up my blog while still having your attention and presence on my blog, I need your help by leaving suggestions in the comments or even just saying you'd enjoy and don't mind my blog being a mixture of my interests and not just mainly beauty.

The next thing on the agenda is school. By the time this goes up I will have a week left at school(not including prom) and be on my 2(almost 3) month summer holiday before I go to college which is freaking me out already; but this means that I have time to change up my blog a bit. I haven't changed it up earlier as I haven't had time to think about changing it too much as I was really focusing on my exams. I thought I was the only one who could tell that over the last few months, my posts have been rushed as I've just wanted to get them finished and scheduled before I get back to revision.However, from my views counter, it seems that a lot of you have noticed this too. I hardly ever look at views because it's shouldn't be the reason I'm blogging but should be because I enjoy it but on this certain day I realised the vast drop over the last month of so with regards to page views and comments. So this is me making a promise to you but mainly to myself that I will take more care and time on my posts and make each and everyone, even this one, the best I can! Because I have time now to improve not just my post but also invest in a new blog layout which I have already done as, while my audience is amazing but small, I don't think that matters because whether you have 20 or 2000 readers, you should want them to enjoy your blog as much as possible. I also, in attempt to improve my blog, also bought a domain which I'm sure you will have noticed now. 

As well as changing up and improving my blog over the next few months, I am also planing a little trip with my family. We hardly ever go on holiday and it's normally just a few days in the Lake District or camping in Wales which is fun all the same but there's a whole world out there to explore and why not do it while I have 2 months free. The plan as it stands now is to travel down to London where we'll have a few days being proper London tourists even though we're English and then we'll be travelling across to France to Paris where I have been before but there's still so much to explore. After that, it's all a bit questionable as the first plan was then to go onto Italy and Germany but after looking at a map and realising that's a little silly we thinking of going to Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Austria is actually the furthest I've gone away from England so while it'll be nice to go back and visit, I can't wait to see some new places. The main reason for y family going it that, as I said, we're normally bound to England but I'm looking forward to travelling and experiencing it all as it's something I really want to do in the future. It's also so I can make full use of my camera. I've spent far too long walking round my town taking the same photo over and over on separate occasions and I'm so excited to fill numerous memory cards with gorgeous scenery as well as some real tourist photos!

That's really all I've wanted to mention in this post and I didn't expect this to be as long as it has been but hopefully you'll help me if trying to make my blog better and enjoyed this post all the same!
Please leave me any post suggestions and what you think of the changes I've made!
Hope your're doing great,


  1. This was a really lovely post and I do understand you completely. I recently did a post similar to this about my ramblings. It felt really good just letting it out and I'll definitely be interested in textiles, DIY and cooking posts. I hope exams have been kind of you and that you have heaps of fun on your holidays! x


    1. Thankyou so much it means a lot! I've got some great DIY ideas on the way!
      Thanks again,
      Sarah x