Maybelline BB Cream Review

12 May 2014

I purchases this BB cream when I was on the hunt for a light base to use for school and this was one of the only ones I could seem to find and reviews online seemed positive overall. I've had this BB Cream for a while and I thought it was time to write up a review! It has taken me a while to decide my opinion on this as my opinion seems to change every time I decide to wear it.

 The BB Cream makes many promises including hydrating all day, blurs imperfections, feels fresh, looks visibly smooth etc. 
I'll get straight to the point starting with the colour; it's too dark for my pale skin even being the lightest available shade. It also definitely does not hydrate all day and I presumed that this was designed for people with dry skin as there was a version for oily skin but I think I presumed wrong as I have a small amount of dry skin and this product makes it clearly visible. I find I can solve both these issues by applying my Simple Moisturiser before I apply the BB cream before the moisturiser has fully absorbed; however, this shouldn't be the case and it should hydrate all day on it's own like suggested it does as well as have a wider colour range. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with very dry skin or those who have dry skin and don't want to have to mess around with moisturisers. It does seem to work well at blurring imperfections particularly enlarged pores but,my opinion seems to differ and sometimes it hides them well and other times it doesn't.

To apply this, I use a cheap sponge as they're best for a low coverage foundation/BB cream and I'm not one to like using my hands to apply make up. Apart from the fact I have to take longer to moisturise, it applies and blends quickly and doesn't leave my skin greasy with only a small amount of shine. This would be a great one for summer as it has a high SPF as well.

When firstly writing this post, I put as my overall verdict that I don't think I will ever decide whether I like this BB Cream or not but with the help of my Simple moisturiser I think I do like this and, unless I can find another BB cream that works for me, I think I'll have stick with this one as it's a nice alternative to a full coverage foundation.
Do you know of any good BB Creams?
I'm currently at in a RE exam so fingers crossed!
Hope you're doing great, 


  1. I love this BB cream! :*

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  2. I used to wear this BB cream pretty much everyday last summer since it felt really light and moisturising, but I noticed that it kind of faded almost completely after a few hours! I highly recommend the Garnier bb cream for oily, it's one of the best bb creams I've used and I'm pretty sure everyone's tired of me raving about it all the time but it is just really good!

    Good luck in your RE exam!

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.