Prom Prep: Eye and Lip Options

19 May 2014

Throughout the past few months, I've been trying out many different looks for my prom make up and I'm going to share with you the ones I've narrowed it down to and maybe you can help! For the base I've chose to go for and to know what I've used, see my last "Prom Prep" post here as I listed it there and this post I will just be telling you about what I have on my eyes and lips and asking for you help!

For this first one, I took Naked 2 from the Naked Basics Palette all over my lid and then, from the same palette, I took faint in the crease to add some depth. For the lips I used "Rich" from 17. As you can probably tell from the photo, it's a messy one to apply so I think I'd use a lip brush if I decide to wear this one. I love the dark lips and I think it would look great with the black dress to enhance my paleness in a positive way.

For this dark brown smokey eye,  I started my taking my beloved MUA Undressed Palette an used shade 3 as a transition colour.I again used my Naked Basics Palette and applied faint all over the lid next. Then taking this amazing matte black called Crave from the Naked basics, I applied that close to the lash line and smudged it out to make the eye more darker. For this, I wanted to use a nude shade but I don't actually own one so just for testing, I just applied some concealer. I really love this look but I think it's a little too dark for prom and will make me look "emoish" (I'm sorry I can't think of another word for it).

This is the final option and please excuse the dry patch on my nose, I was recovering from a cold. For the eyes I used my new MAC eye shadow in Wood winked and blended that out up just past the crease to give I gorgeous copper colour. I felt it needed something extra so I also added a gold shade over the lid to bring a bit more light to the eye- I used one from my MUA Undressed Palette. For the lips, I wanted a true, bold red but I don't own one so it was a case of layering and for this, I layered my Kate Moss #19 with an Avon sample and 17's Rich I love this look as it seems to look great with my eye colour but I think I need a different red lipstick if I decide on this look.

So that's all of them and no I need your help urgently! Please let me know which look you think is the best and also why because that would help me a lot more. I can see the pros and cons to each  look and I just need to make a final decision. After prom, I will put a post showing you what option I went for to show you! 

Do you know any good nude/ bold red lipsticks?
When this is being posted, I will be sat in a Physics exam arggghh!
Hope you're doing great,


  1. I think number 3 is my favorite!It's nice and summery, number 2 is nice but I feel like it's a bit plain. not in a rude way though! Then again I always think every outfit needs a lipstick! Number one is also good, the dark lipstick would look fab with a black dress, but I think 3 is my favorite it's summery and is colourful but not overpowering :) They're all lovely though :)x


    1. Thankyou for your help! I might actually be able to come to a decision earlier than the day of prom with all the help!
      Sarah x

  2. Love all 3! You are absolutely beautiful btw! I have to say that I am always a sucker for a red lip so I love #1 however I love smokey browns so #2 is also great. I would even like the eyes on #2 combined with the lips from #1!! Overall though, great post! Keep up the good work!

    Juliana Grace |

    1. If I could I would be sadly I think it will be a bit too much :-(!
      Thankyou anyway!
      Sarah x

  3. I think the eyes from #1 and the lips from #3 would look wonderful together! :) xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista