Second Chances.

8 May 2014

It's very often that we buy new products and don't give it the chance it deserves and more often than not I do this and end up with lots of unloved products that I just jumped to a conclusion about. Recently, I've been searching through my make up stash to see if there's any products than have been unloved and maybe deserve a bit more of a lovin' so over the past few weeks I've been seeing if it turns out that I do actually like them or if I was right about them.

Nivea Primer. 
I included this in my Products I Regret Buying back last year. In that, I said that the formula wasn't something I liked with it being a gel like texture and I would prefer more of a cream. It also didn't help with keeping my make up on and actually clumped together before or while applying my foundation. I read someone's review a while back and they said it did this because it had reacted with the moisturiser so I thought I'd give it that second chance and tried it without moisturiser. Sadly, this didn't work and without the moisturiser, my dry patches were severely visible and I still didn't like the consistency of the product. So, after giving this a second chance, I don't think I'll be using this again.

Dainty Dolly Concealer #002.
I had high hopes for this product as I'm one that judges a product by the packaging and so I presumed that because the packaging looked nice, the product would be great. When I first used it, from what I remember, it was far too light and just didn't work as a concealer because of that as instead of hiding my blemishes it just highlighted them. One thing that also put me off using this was that I wasn't too sure the best way of applying this product. It wasn't till recently that I gave this concealer a proper second chance where I found that just using it under my eyes was the use of this product. It also did crease under my eyes which I've never had with a concealer before which was annoying. However, I will still try and get some use out of this product and I've found that if I apply my powder as soon as I've blended in my concealer. It is less likely to crease. So, after giving it a second chance, I've decided that I will try and use this as much as I can but I don't think I would repurchase.

Neutrogena Pore & Shine Cleanser.
Now this is a weird second chance because there was a time that I actually used this a lot and thought it worked as well as I just wanted to get my moneys worth out of it but when I realised it wasn't doing anything that was said on the packaging, I thought it was pointless using it. It wasn't till recently that I felt like giving this another chance an it was even worse than I first remembered; it dried my skin out and didn't leave it even feeling clean. For someone who has dry skin and with a product that helps oil control, it was a bad idea and is definitely not right for those who have even the smallest amount of dry skin. 

No7  Intelligent Colour Foundation "Light".
This, of what I can remember, was my first foundation and after letting a friend do my make up I went out and bought it. When I tried it myself though I didn't like it as it just felt greasy and just didn't seem to apply well with the foundation brush I was using at the time so I left it. Another thing was that it was ridiculously dark for a "Light" coloured foundation. Recently, after re arranging my make up, I rediscovered it and thought it was worth a second chance. Using my Real Techniques expert face brush it applied well; it did seem to be a low coverage foundation but easily build able. It's one of the only drugstore foundations that I've seen with such a low SPF so I'd recommend trying this out if your having a photo day or for prom.I'm glad I kept and left this to re use till now as I have more knowledge about how to apply things and also why it's so dark and that's because it's a very concentrated product and so you only need a small amount and you can easily add more. Saying that, it's still a little dark but not unbearably dark. It now applies well and doesn't feel greasy so I'm putting that down to the brush I used to use. It wasn't until I was looking if this foundation was still available that I saw the price it was and  I'm so glad I didn't throw this out, that I tried it again and liked it because this is probably the most expensive make up item I own and I didn't even realise it! I will probably carry on using this foundation but I'm not sure I'll repurchase again because of the price.

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