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25 May 2014

I said before my exams started that I probably won't be spending any money during that time. I would like to emphasis the word probably as I did end up spending a few of my pennies on a few things that I'd like to share with you.

17 Stay Pout Lipstick in "Infared": I bought this to try as one of my lip options for prom I bought it after writing my post on eye and lip options but I think if I decide to go for the red lip, this would be the red I used. I've also found my self wearing this on a daily basis when I'm not in school as it's quite a wearable red and because it's more orange than purple, it's quite vibrant so I think it's a great summer red and I know I'm going to be wearing this a lot!

L'oreal Glam Bronze 00: I saw this on a few blogs as soon as it was released and thought it was definitely time to invest in a a new bronzer instead of my usual Sleek matte bronzer. I am yet to make my mind up about this as it's quite orange for me so it's not ideal for contouring so I think Ill be using it as an all over bronze and because it's a little orange, I think this will be a better summer option.

Avon Super Extend Mascara: I won't talk about this too much as it's just a repurchase but it's a great lengthening mascara and if I decide to go for a volumising mascara instead, I still use this on my bottom lashes because the wand is fairly thin so can get in all the nooks and crannies.

Avon Blush Brush: Avon seem to have stepped up their brush game and have redesigned some of their brushes and I loved how they looked in the catalog. I like having a brush for a set job and I don't really have one for blush other than a stippling brush but that's better for cream blushes so I thought this would be perfect. From using several times so far, I'm really liking it as it's lovely and soft and seems to apply the product well. I definitely prefer the new style Avon brushes!

Maybelline Brown Pencil "Blonde": I'm sure you're sick of me using the same old brown eye shadow for my eyebrows because I am so I thought I would try out this Maybelline pencil and it was quite cheap. I've used this quite a few times and I'm understanding why the small price tag as one stroke of the pencil and it feels like it needs a sharpen already. I don't recommend this and won't be buying it again so if you could recommend me some eyebrow products from the drugstore let me know! Before I find a new product, it will have to do for the moment.

White Converse: This a ridiculously late present from my mum and dad for my birthday back in January and I finally ordered a pair! I am so happy I did as they will go with absolutely everything and will be great this summer!

Asos Clutch: I've been trying to find a clutch to go with my prom dress and trying to find a clutch that isn't black or nude that goes with a red lip is hard! This clutch was one of the ones I ordered and me or any of my friends and family could decide whether it would go or not. In the end, I decided to keep it as I think it's a gorgeous clutch that, even if I don't use it for prom, I will use it in the future and for the price I paid, I think it's worth keeping!

Ebay Brush Set: Yes this is was is hiding in the mysterious canvas bag! I've seen so many people using these and I finally caved in and ordered a set and I love them! Some are better than others as some apply my make up flawlessly where as others seem to leave brush stokes which is a bit of pain. I love the smaller brushes as they're great for concealer and I feel as though I can try some other concealers other than ones that come in a tube.

So that's it! This is has been a long while waiting but I've only just had time to write it up a I've been busy with exams and I now have a week off meaning I finally had time to write it. Having a week off also means I'l be doing some more shopping and I'm planning on going in to Manchester to have a big shopping trip for some after prom stuff along with some summer clothes and some general retail therapy so look out for another haul very soon!
Hope you're doing great,

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