Currently Loving #2

13 Oct 2013

I don't tend to do favourite posts because I'd like to know a product definitely works before I share it with you so that's why this is only the second 'Currently Loving' post but I hope you enjoy it all the same and I'm going to get straight into it!( Prepare for a lot of '!' because I just get excited about these things!)
Sinful Colours Nail Varnish #300 'Easy Going'- I mentioned this in my last haul and how I bought it really at the wrong time of the year but that hasn't stopped me wearing it non stop and absolutely loving it! This is 1 of 2 sinful colours nail varnishes I have and I can tell it will be one of many. The formula is amazing and, even though it doesn't have 'fast dry' plastered all of the packaging, it drys so fast and is a definite on-the-go nail varnish; two coats and you're done! 
Maybelline Baby Lips 'Cherry Me'- Another product that I mentioned in my last haul but another product I absolutely love! I didn't want to admit my love to this lip balm because I love my Palma's lip balm but the fact this has a slight colour pay off gives it the edge! I also mentioned this is on of Autumn posts and it's definitely a nice subtle red for autumn so unlike the nail varnish it does fit in with the season!
Simple hydrating Light Moisturiser- I've never been someone to venture much on the moisturising side of things and just had a few that I used. I'd use a Nivea soft moisturiser that came in a pot which I found over time went greasy and was also very heavy for a day moisturiser. I also had the Garnier fast drying moisturiser that started off well but I find now I have to apply it at least twice for any kind of moisturising to actually happen. I find this moisturiser is the perfect balance between the two and is fine for wearing during the day as well as applying before I go to bed.
Good Things Stay Clear Purifying Cleanser- I have always loved this product as no matter how many times I've used it, it gives the best results and my skin feels so much softer after! I would use this once a week normally even though the packaging says everyday. However, recently I've seen to become addicted to the softness of my skin this gives and been using this every day. All I can say is this works and I really recommend this! This is the first of the 'Good Things' products I have and I was attracted by the smell so if you don't want to buy it at least go and give it a smell because it is gorgeous!
John Corey Whaley 'Where Things Come Back'- So I love to include a music and book favourite and at the moment I've been loving Where Things Come Back. I read it for the second time recently and I love it and it is definitely my favourite book! The plot line is so well thought out and so amazing! I feel like I should do a full book review on this book so I'll look into doing that of course! I've never seen this book in shops and I found out about it through a girl on Instagram and this book really does deserve more recognition and I feel it's my duty to preach my love of this book to you!
Lewis Watson 'Four More Songs'- Lewis Watson will always remain one of my favourite singers. Not being as well known as most people makes it easier for me to follow his music but also gives me the chance to introduce you to a new and amazing singer. I wrote a post about his concert that I went to a few months back and my love has still not ended. This is the fourth EP he has made and there is a new one on the way. I can't really give you a favourite song of his or one off this EP because his songs just get better and better and all I can say is go listen to him!

What have you been loving this month? Let me know if you want a full review of any of these or if you have any recommendations of products or posts I should make I'd love to hear! Hope you're having a good day, x

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