World's Biggest Coffee Morning: Macmillan Cancer Support.

5 Oct 2013

Every year, Mum, Dad and I host a Macmillan coffee morning at our house and they happen all over the country on the same day which is why it is known as 'The world's biggest coffee morning' and this year it was 27th Sept. Unfortunately, we weren't able to have our coffee morning on that date but we aren't ones to break the tradition of the annual coffee morning so we decided to have it this Saturday- today.
If you didn't already known, Macmillan is cancer supporting charity and raises money for cancer patients to be provided with a paid Macmillan nurse who they can talk to about any queries and help them through the tough time they face and all this for one person just costs £100.  The idea of a coffee morning is so simple and so effective to do just a little bit for such an amazing cause and all you have to do is make a few cakes and boil the kettle and just invite some friends!

If you're interested in hosting your own coffee morning next year, you can get a free pack which comes with invites, balloons, bunting ,cake cases- all for free! have a look on there website here.

hope you enjoyed this little post, I really want to tell you about this and I'll be posting the full total soon so come back and check if you'd like to know! x

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